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If you're looking for ultimate relaxation and a healthier you - you've come to the right place. Our main focus is to provide you with relaxation and well-being.  We specialize in Hand & Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone Therapies, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Exploration, vibrational essences and Cold Laser Therapy.


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Hand and Foot Reflexology

  • Reflexology is a treatment that involves the application of gentle pressure and massage to reflex points located on the feet and/or hands. The feet and hands are mini-maps of the body; they refer to every organs, glands and systems of the body. By massaging the reflex points, the body's natural healing abilities are stimulated.  Vital energy is encouraged to flow freely, energy blockages dissipate, physical toxins (in the form of crystallization) are gently flushed away and optimum health and inner peace can be restored.

 Some of the common problems that can benefit from reflexology sessions are:

  • Headaches
  • Backaches
  • Joint Problems
  • Foot Ailments
  • Digestion Problems
  • Sinus Problems
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Heel Pains
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arthritis

 Reflexology helps your body to return to its original state of well-being. 

Hot Stone Reflexology

  • Hot Stone Reflexology combines the benefits of an intensive reflexology treatment with hot stones for a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.  Experience how the heat from the stones quickly opens the reflex pathways to make this treatment extremely relaxing. By working on the reflex points of the feet, your whole body will feel restored, balanced and rejuvenated.

 Colour Reflexology

  • Colour Reflexology combines the benefits of an intensive reflexology treatment with the healing vibrations of colours. By working on the reflex points of the feet, your whole body will feel restored, balanced and rejuvenated.

 Thai Foot Reflexology

  • Similar to the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine that carry the Qi or Chi energy, the Thai Medicine “energy lines” know as Sen run thoughout the entire body with specific points ending at the feet and hands. The obstruction of this flow of energy is thought to be the cause of discomfort or illness in a person and the techniques of Thai Foot Reflexology are thought to stimulate and open these channels.   


  • During a typical Thai Foot Reflexology session, the practitioner will apply a balm and use a variety of hands-on techniques including palm movements, stretches, circular massage movements and thumb pressure along with the use of a special Thai stick for specific acupressure to stimulate organ reflex points on the soles of the feet.  Clients leave the session feeling relaxed, balanced and invigorated.

 Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved circulation in feet and legs
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Improved mood and mental clarity
  • Better and deeper sleep
  • Accelerated physical cleansing and healing
  • Increased flexibility of feet and joints
  • Reduced pain and stiffness
  • A welcome boost for the immune system

 Raindrop Therapy

  • A combination of essential oils are dropped, like raindrops, on the back and spinal reflex point on the foot. The back is massaged with hot stones so that the essential oils penetrate deeper in the body. This massage cleanses the body of toxins, enhances the immune system, soothes the nervous system and promotes overall health and vitality.

Ayurveda Leg and Foot Massage

  • A seamless, relaxing, yet energizing treatment. It involves the use of a 3 metal bowl which helps eliminate toxins from the body. It focuses on specific marma points to help re-balance the body and the chakras. This treatment detoxifies, energizes and rejuvenates. It can help in removing blockages and thereby allowing free flow of prana (life force of energy).  

Jade Stone Massage

  • A full body massage using smooth, heated stones.  A deeply soothing and relaxing form of massage that helps tight muscles release.  Jade stone therapy goes beyond the physical experience of a typical massage, and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well-being.  The ultimate goal of the therapy is to relieve pain, promote harmony, balance and peace.

 Back, Head and Face Massage With Stones 

  • Integrates Indian Head Massage and Facial Reflexology into one therapy!  The stones are used to massage the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.  It relieves tension, headaches, sinus congestion, neck and back pain.  It also stimulates lymphatic drainage, improve circulation and promotes relaxation.

 BodyTalk with Reflexology

  • BodyTalk re-synchronizes the body's energy systems.  Combined with reflexology, you get a powerful session to re-harmonize your body.

Vibrational Essences Consultation

  • Vibrational essences are prepared from wildflowers, garden flowers and nature essences.  During the consultation, the state of your meridians will be assessed to find out which ones are out of balance.  Vibrational essences will be chosen to re-balance the meridians.  Vibrational essences are safe, non-addictive and do not interfere with other medications. The essences help support your emotions in a safe, natural, holistic way. 

 Past Life Exploration/Hypnotherapy

  • An ancient art of communicating with the unconscious mind. You are guided into a dream-like state to assist you in bringing healing and balance to the body, mind and spirit. This session is a highly effective ways to create deep long-term change.

Cold Laser Therapy

  • A non-thermal, non-invasive, painless, safe and very effective in stimulating the body’s natural healing process. Cold laser therapy increases serotonin levels to assist the body to heal.  It uses light energy and vibrational frequencies to quickly help to activate the body’s innate cellular communication system, support positive immune, enzyme and endorphin responses and rejuvenate the cells of the body.  It works in the same way as a garden. Sunlight donates photons, which in turn energizes the plants.  The cold laser regenerates cells and clears stress and tension pattern of cells in the body.  Cold lasers are used for: 
  •      pain relief;                           
  •      promotion of muscle relaxation and cell restoration;
  •      relief of muscle and joint pain;
  •      healing injuries;
  •      relief of back and neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, plantar fasciitis and other associated pains; 
  •      relief of sinus congestion;
  •      immune enhancement; 
  •      organ balancing;
  •      glandular rejuvenation; 
  •      lymph activation;
  •      chakra balancing.

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