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Advance Dental Group - Experts In Providing Adults, Families & Cosmetic Dental Care.  In an ever increasing world of greater and greater specialization it is hard to find a dental home with the broad range of dental services found at the Advance Dental Group. Dr. Macdonnell has dedicated his professional career to giving his patients young and old the best when it comes to their oral health. From prevention to restorative to cosmetic dentistry the range of services and level of expertise is hard to find.  But what makes us different is a new way of thinking about dental care.  

The traditional approach to dentistry does not always identify the underlying cause of oral disease. What if you could accurately predict the chances of having your teeth over the long-term and determine your risk level for disease or a cosmetic breakdown? Whether you are young or old, at the Advance Dental Group your Kelowna dentist, risk assessment is at the core of what we do. Dr. Macdonnell is trained to reduce the risks to your oral health and minimize the treatment required. Call us today for your new Kelowna Dentist


Advance Dental Group
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There are 4 critical questions you need to answer before choosing a Kelowna dentist for you and your family.

Hi, I’m Dr Andrew Macdonnell from the Advance Dental Group and we believe in educating dental patients about the important facts they need to consider when looking for a dentist.

First, have you had an oral health risk assessment and is your treatment plan reducing your overall risk?

Dental treatment should always be designed to lower a patient’s oral health risk. For most of us we would think this was pretty straightforward. However, the variables that produce decay, gum disease and breakdown of our teeth over time number are in the thousands. How does a dentist gather this information analyze it and then provide his patients with a treatment plan taking all these variables into consideration? The answer is with training specifically designed to analyze four main categories of oral health. At the Advance Dental Group we have structured techniques and training that ensures that we gather information in four key areas. This allows us to identify where a patient’s health risk exists. Having access to the best evidence based science available we are then able to provide a treatment plan supported by research that addresses weaknesses in a patient’s oral health. From here we can provide a treatment plan that lowers the patients overall risk in a measurable way. Whether it is a filling or a full mouth rehabilitation the same techniques are applied providing consistency in care and ultimately the best dental treatment available.

Second, have you received a comprehensive evaluation, professional opinion and solutions to your oral health needs?

Dental offices collect information about our patients including Medical and dental history, measurements around the gums, decay etc. However, merely collecting this information doesn’t help patients improve their oral health. What is done with the information is central to successfully treating patients. One of the most important pieces of information you should receive from your dentist is a diagnostic opinion of how you are doing in regard to your oral health. This can be thought of as a report card in four main categories including bone and gum disease, tooth disease, function and of course your smile. At the Advance Dental group we use evidence based dentistry to increase the predictive value of your treatment. This allows us to increase the success and reduce the cost of treatment over your lifetime. Every patient we see has a customized treatment plan that addresses their specific needs. There is no “cookie cutter” approach. For example, if you have predisposing factors for increased risk of gum disease then recommendations are made to customize your “cleaning” appointment frequency and home care. We guarantee a treatment plan that minimizes the amount of dental work you will require throughout your life and decreases your oral health risk while maximizing your esthetic benefit. After all in order for patients to make informed decisions about their health they need to know all the facts and options available to them.

Remember what makes us different at the Advance Dental Group is to provide our patients with outstanding care and knowledge empowering them to make decisions that will improve the quality of their lives and create smiles that move you.

Advance Dental Group
Suite 209 1890 Cooper Road
Kelowna, BC V1Y 8B7

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Experts in providing General Dentistry, Family Dentistry, and Cosmetic Dentistry in Kelowna, BC, Advance Dental Group your Kelowna Dentist aims to be your home for a broad range of dental services in order to get you to optimal dental health.

Dr. Macdonnell has dedicated his professional career to giving his patients young and old the best when it comes to their oral health. From prevention to restorative to cosmetic dentistry the range of services and level of expertise is hard to find.


Advance Dental Group
Suite 209 – 1890 Cooper Road
Kelowna, BC V1Y 8B7


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