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While we cannot be everyone’s dentist, we do hope we can help you find a happy dental home in our practice.

Thank you for considering Cityview Family Dental Centre for your dental health care needs.

Our associates have a special interest in treating patients who are anxious or fearful of dental treatment. They have training in various aspects of relaxation and sedation in dentistry in order to offer fearful or anxious patients a comfortable dental experience.

The services we provide are comprehensive and include most aspects of oral health care.

The team at Cityview Family Dental Center have a special interest in treating patients who are anxious or fearful of dental treatment. They have training in various aspects of relaxation in dentistry in order to offer fearful or anxious patients a comfortable dental experience.

Pleasant Dental Treatment

You will find our reception area warm and inviting with, comfortable seating and interesting reading material.

If you wish to enjoy a beverage before or after your appointment, we offer fresh coffee, juice as well as water.

At any time, if you are worried or anxious during a procedure, we will stop immediately. For longer appointments, a private washroom is reserved for clients having treatment. Our objective is for you to feel comfortable and in control during your care visits.

If we aim to work together, your appointments can be pleasant and rewarding. Please help us by letting us know how we can make your visits most comfortable for you.

Whatever your concern about your dental health needs, contact us to see how we can work together to create a healthy, attractive smile.


Preventative Dentistry

  • It is much better to prevent problems than to try to correct them, most of us would agree.
  • We are happy to show you how to best control decay and gum disease, before it does irreversible damage. There have been some exciting innovations in preventative care and treatment of gum infections.
  • Prevention and control of gum disease is even more important now that research has shown links between gum disease, heart disease, and diabetes.
  • This is another reason we stress the early diagnosis and proactive treatment of gum disease.

Periodontal Disease

  • Periodontal disease is the breakdown of the ligament joint between the tooth root and the supporting bone.
  • This breakdown occurs as a result of an exaggerated immune system response to the bacterial accumulations (plaque) and tartar (scale) on the tooth surface.
  • Gingivitis is a more superficial inflammation of the gums which may or may not progress to the supporting bone.
  • Generally from the perspective of a sufferer of this chronic condition, there is little indication that anything is amiss until late stages in the disease when tooth migration and loosening occurs.
  • Occasional bleeding when brushing your teeth is an early sign of periodontal disease that should not be ignored.
  • The outcome of this disease can be greatly influenced by many systemic factors such as smoking and diabetes. Thus we have found that a comprehensive approach to the management of this condition is often needed to achieve a successful outcome.
  • A secondary condition that must be addressed in periodontal treatment is root caries (tooth root decay). The softer root surfaces exposed by gum disease are more susceptible to decay. If caries risk factors are identified during examination or treatment, your periodontal treatment plan will include measures to prevent the development of root caries.
  • The clear advantage of early detection and treatment is that more complex treatments including surgical treatment may be avoided. Our general treatment philosophy is to primarily treat this condition using non-surgical methods. Surgical interventions are considered if the non-surgical treatment fails to control the disease.
  • Periodontal disease is a chronic problem requiring repeated treatments. Thus the relationship between the treatment providers and the patient is of paramount importance. For this reason we believe that participation of our patients in all phases of the diagnosis, treatment and re-evaluation process is important to the successful outcome. Two way communication is an essential standard in our practice.


Crowns are Often the Solution

  • In teeth that have large cavities and fillings, there is often the need for something stronger than direct filling materials.

  • The joint muscles can generate tremendous forces during chewing. Habits such as grinding add additional stress to teeth and dental materials as well.
  • In many situations, the best long-term solution is the use of crowns (caps), onlays, or partial crown veneers. These are made of ceramic, polyceramic, dental gold or a combination of these materials.
  • Use of these advanced materials and the techniques used, allow for reinforcement of weakened and broken teeth. At the same time, there is the ability to customize the colour and shape to look more natural than large direct fillings.


 The Problem with Fillings

  • Older silver mercury fillings served well in the past, but suffer from significant disadvantages. These include; mercury content, cracking of teeth from cycles of expansion and contraction, and unsightly, unnatural appearance.
  • Advances in materials and techniques have allowed us to place natural looking white fillings with increasing success and longevity. Proper handling and placement of these materials is more difficult and time-consuming. These wonderful materials can serve well in smaller cavities.


The Smile Makeover or Smile Lift

  • One of the obvious benefits of an attractive smile is the satisfaction it brings – you cannot help but feel better about yourself.
  • Celebrities and public figures know how important a bright, pleasing smile is to their image. It is the same for all of us. Just look at the number of television programs that feature smile lifts, veneers, crowns (caps), and teeth whitening (bleaching) like Zoom® and Brite Smile®, as part of complete image makeovers. An example of such a program is Ten Years Younger on TLC™.
  • Recent studies have shown that a pleasing smile makes others see you as more attractive, intelligent and successful.
  • Today, more than ever, business and social success demand an attractive and self confident appearance. A pleasing smile is an important part of being successful in today's world.
  • Use of the new materials and techniques, when combined with sophisticated treatment planning, can result in a custom designed smile makeover. Such a smile lift can take years off one's appearance, enhance self-confidence and overall enjoyment of life. Many leading plastic surgeons recommend an attractive smile as a necessary starting point in their treatment planning.
  • Please ask to see some examples of dramatic results of smile makeovers we have done for our clients.

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