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Our dentists have been working as dentists in downtown Vancouver for 20 years. They have taken countless hours of extra training in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry (just like on Extreme Makeover), laser dentistry, TMJ, headache and migraine treatment, Botox and Invisalign. Read their resumes


Our dentists have a loyal following of patients, not only from British Columbia, but also from Canada and other countries, including the United States, Hong Kong and others in Europe and South America.

Our patients have only the highest praise about our professional services and treatment.

Our Services

General dentistry

  • We provide a lot of this type of treatment, which includes keeping the gums and tooth-supporting bones healthy: we want you to keep your teeth for a lifetime. With our help, and some effort on your part at home, this is an achievable goal.
  • Teeth require maintenance and when your older fillings break down, teeth fracture or wear down: we can restore their function and appearance.
  • Utilizing all of the materials, equipment and techniques available today, our dentists can make dental treatment a pleasant experience.

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Our dentists have been interviewed on television and in magazines about their work in cosmetic dentistry. The happiest patients we have are those who have decided to improve their smiles.
  • We know that many people hate their teeth, but are completely unaware how we might give them a new, beautiful smile.
  • You might have seen the TV show “Extreme Makeover". Our dentists can give you that same smile right here in Vancouver.
  • We use a combination of porcelain veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, orthodontics, and laser gum recontouring: the results are incredible! This is truly a life-changing experience and we have seen the difference it makes in people’s lives many times.
  • It is the most rewarding gift you can give yourself. Come in and we will give you an idea of what is possible.

No Mercury fillings!

  • Our dentists have not used the mercury containing fillings for over twenty years, long before some of the health questions about mercury were being raised.
  • While still an area of debate, the use of mercury has been banned by many countries and Health Canada has recommended limiting the number of fillings that contain mercury in children and pregnant women.
  • The tooth-coloured fillings are much more difficult and more expensive to place, but our dentists use techniques developed over that time to make them very successful.
  • The added benefit is that the tooth-coloured fillings help to strengthen the tooth.

Teeth Whitening

  • Our dentists have been whitening teeth for 20 years and have discovered the most favourable laser-bleaching technique called "Deep Bleaching™" we also offer the conventional custom take home trays which work well, but this new technique is superior.
  • If you are perfectly happy with the size and shape of your teeth, but would like to see them whiter, this is the answer.

Treatment of Chronic Headaches, Migraines and Facial Pain (TMJ symptoms)

  • Most facial pain and headaches are muscular in nature.
  • It has been discovered that most headache sufferers clench and grind their teeth at nighttime while they are sleeping.
  • Dr. Drance was the first in Vancouver to use the elegant and small NTI device that has been successful in eliminating many people’s suffering.
  • We have been able to help about 80% of those clients who suffer from migraine headaches, which are difficult to treat, by reducing their symptoms. You might have seen Dr. Drance on Canada AM being interviewed about his use of this NTI device.
  • In some cases, reconstructing worn teeth, or replacing missing teeth can also help headache patients.

Dental treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

  • Snoring is a huge problem for many people.
  • Various treatments, including laser surgery, have had some success.
  • Snoring is a result of the vibration of the soft tissues in the back of the throat. At night, when the jaw and tongue drop back, the airway is reduced and vibration occurs.
  • Utilizing a dental appliance that keeps the jaw forward, many people have found a great reduction in their snoring.
  •  Some people who suffer from snoring also have sleep apnea, which usually goes undiagnosed.
  • If you are a poor sleeper, do not wake up feeling refreshed, and often feel tired during the day, this could be your problem.
  • Sleep apnea has been called “the silent killer,” as fatigue can result in many accidents. Our dentists have specific training in the diagnosis and appliance fabrication for these conditions.

Sedation Dentistry

  • Many people are very apprehensive about having dental treatment.
  • Our dentists recognize this fact, and offer a pill that alleviates anxiety, which is taken before your appointment.
  • Many patients find that they are sufficiently relaxed to fall asleep during their treatment.
  • Please let us know if you feel that sedation dentistry might help you.

Our High-Tech Equipment

We are proud to use the new technology available in dentistry today. This equipment allows us to work more efficiently and comfortably than ever before! Some of the latest additions include:

  • Digital x-rays – Up to 90% less radiation than before (which was already very low). No more miniature x-rays -- you can easily view them on our monitor -- and no more waiting for them to develop.
  • Intra-oral cameras -- Now you can see the condition of your teeth the way we do. It is otherwise difficult for you to know what we are talking about. This camera allows you to be a more active participant in your own dental health.
  • Laser Cavity detection – This equipment enables us to find small cavities substantially earlier than with older methods of detection and means that we can often do very small fillings, often without anesthetic, to avoid the necessity of a larger filling.
  • Laser Gum therapy – Gum disease is likely the most common chronic infection in our body. Incorporating Laser Gum therapy into our therapy can reduce the need for costly and uncomfortable gum surgery.
  • The Wand – This computer-controlled anesthetic delivery system allows us to isolate and numb the tooth we are working on, and prevent you from suffering the full tongue numbness that makes it difficult to talk and eat after your appointment.





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