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Beltone Hearing Clinic is a Hearing Clinic specializing in Hearing Aids in North Vancouver, BC

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If you're looking for the best in hearing care, we invite you to discover the Beltone Difference. It starts by making sure hearing trouble is actually hearing loss – many times it's not. If it is, you can try the tiniest and most advanced hearing aids you'll find anywhere – right here in the office. Add to that our compassionate hearing care and comprehensive aftercare, and you'll understand why Beltone patients are so satisfied. By choosing Beltone, you're assured a lifetime of individualized attention – for you and your hearing instruments.

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At Beltone, our team is dedicated to making sure our clients are totally happy and comfortable with their hearing. We will ensure that your visits are productive and leave you feeling as if you can take control of your hearing and stop missing out on life.

Start by calling 604-983-4327 for a state-of-the-art hearing evaluation. Our screenings are always free. Or, simply click here to make an appointment. All of us here at Beltone Hearing Clinic look forward to showing you how easy it can be to love your hearing!

If you're curious about the world of better hearing, we invite you to learn why Beltone is the choice of millions when it comes to fantastic hearing care. Serving North Vancouver, BC and the surroundging area.

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Our Products

At Beltone, our goal is simple: to bring you hearing so natural, listening is a pleasure again—wherever you go. We engineer comfort and ease into every style of hearing aid we make. And, thanks to Beltone's leading micro-processor technology, our hearing aids are feature-rich, yet super small. Most are barely visible!

Tops in Technology

Our Beltone Promise™ technology is so advanced, it actually improves upon the ear's natural ability to hear. Sound quality is clear and crisp. Hearing in noisy environments seems effortless. And, Beltone's wireless streaming of sound provides new levels of clarity and control when you listen to TV, stereo, PC and phone conversation.

So Many Styles

With over 80 options available, you're sure to find the hearing aid that fits your hearing needs, lifestyle, and cosmetic preference. Because hearing aid technology has come so far, virtually all styles of Beltone hearing aids are smaller, lighter and more comfortable than ever before.

Hearing is Believing

Come experience the Beltone Difference for yourself. Treat yourself to a FREE hearing evaluation at your closest Beltone office.

If you're a candidate for hearing help, you'll discover why Beltone hearing aids are your absolute best choice for better hearing.

Your Hearing Health

Good hearing lets you savor life. When it's easy to hear, it's easy to stay involved. Sharing laughter with loved ones, excelling on the job, remaining independent—good hearing is the key.

Did you know that by age 55, one in four adults has hearing loss? And, by age 65, almost one in three has hearing loss. If you suspect you have a hearing loss, ignoring or neglecting it can make it worse. But, treating a hearing loss with hearing aids can dramatically slow its progression—helping you preserve good hearing for a lifetime!

Good Hearing Can Be Yours Again

Hearing loss can develop over time or suddenly. It can be caused by earwax, illness, or age. It can affect different people in different ways. The more you learn about the ins-and-outs of hearing loss, the more empowered you become.

Maintaining healthy hearing starts with a baseline hearing screening at Beltone. Just as you schedule annual physicals and dental exams, it's essential to schedule a hearing test every year. Knowing where you stand will help you hear your very best, at any age.

Welcome to the Beltone Experience

If you're curious about the world of better hearing, we invite you to learn why Beltone is the choice of millions when it comes to fantastic hearing care.

At Beltone, we take an approach to hearing care that no other company can match. It's based on connecting with you as a person—and understanding what you enjoy in life and what's important in a healthcare partner. Every hearing care solution we offer is tailored to a patient's individual needs.

You'll notice the difference from the moment you call the office to schedule your baseline hearing evaluation. And, you'll feel it every time you visit Beltone for your annual screening, a hearing aid fitting, or simply to buy new batteries.

For 77 years, Beltone has been dedicated to setting the highest standards when it comes to helping people regain their hearing. We’ve changed the lives of millions of people experiencing hearing loss by providing the most comprehensive, personalized care available – featuring product lines that have constantly set the tone for innovation.

The Beltone Sound

From the very beginning, special attention to creating vibrant, natural sound quality has defined The Beltone Sound. Today, we ensure that our hearing aids match the perfect balance between convenience and dependability – offering the array of advanced features and functionality you demand, while setting the bar for crystal-clear, natural hearing.

Hearing is personal, so is our service

Beltone provides more than hearing aids. We offer comprehensive hearing care and assistance personalized to your needs. Our Hearing Care Professionals undergo extensive training and understand that hearing loss is both concerning and frustrating. We’ll walk you through the process, answering all of your questions and addressing any concerns. Then, we’ll provide the solution that’s right for you – based on the severity of hearing loss, your lifestyle, desired features and budget.

Beltone Innovation

Beltone is known for introducing the latest technological advances in hearing aids. From our Made For iPhone® hearing aids to the first truly wireless fitting procedure (Beltone SOLUS PRO)… Beltone has been at the forefront of providing innovation for superior technology designed to enhance your hearing experience.

Precision fitting “one ear at a time”

Beltone provides the most comfortable, most accurate testing and fitting experience available. It starts with our advanced Beltone 360° Hearing Evaluation™. Based on your results, we’ll show you the Beltone hearing aids best suited for your personal needs and outline the advantages of each. Once you’re fit with your Beltone hearing aids, they are precision-programmed using Beltone SOLUS PRO.

An unmatched aftercare program

BelCare™ is the best ongoing care and protection program in the business. It covers you for the life of your hearing aids and is one of the most comprehensive hearing care programs available. BelCare also assures you attention at any one of over 1,500 participating Beltone locations* across North America. No other company offers the same level of commitment.

Our Philosophy

Here at Beltone, we know how important good hearing is to the health and happiness of our patients. Hearing clearly keeps us connected with friends and loved ones, aware of our surroundings, and independent. Also, by keeping the brain properly stimulated, good hearing may lower our risk for Alzheimer's disease, depression and balance issues.

Our mission doesn't stop with finding just the right hearing instrument for each patient we serve. It continues with making sure you're totally comfortable with your hearing instruments in every way. Visit Beltone soon! And join the ranks of the “happily hearing”.


Beltone Presents- A Tour of the Ear

Beltone Presents- A Tour...

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Beltone Patient Testimonial

Beltone Patient Testimonial

Beltone Patient Testimonial

Beltone Patient Testimonial

Beltone Patient Testimonial

Beltone Patient Testimonial

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