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Home Care Assistance - Victoria

In-Home Care serving Victoria BC

Home Care Assistance - Victoria offers in-home senior and personal care, hospice, residential community, post-hospital and dementia care in Victoria, BC and surrounding areas. We also provide special home care for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, cancer and heart patients. We are available on live-in 24-hour care or hourly care basis.

Our dedicated professional caregivers are available to carry out daily errands like meal preparation, gardening, grocery shopping, transportation to medical appointments and senior social clubs, and mobility to disabled seniors.  We are also available simply to provide support and companionship to seniors who feel lonely.

Locally Owned - The Leading Provider of 24/7 Live-In Care

Changing the Way the World Ages

Home Care Assistance - Victoria is committed to providing premier home care to help seniors age in place with dignity. Our experienced Care Managers are available 24/7 to take your call, answer your questions, and assess or adjust your loved one’s care needs. 

For more information on our in-home care services, call one of our experienced Care Managers at [(250) 592-4881]  to discuss your needs including:  In-Home Nursing, Hospice Care, Post-Hospital Care and Dementia Care.

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Client Testimonials

“The girls at Home Care are fantastic! They have cared for my aged mother so well. Caring for her needs in such understanding and gentle ways. All her needs are well taken care of and they let me know of anything I may need to follow up on. They are easy to get hold of and will deal with any concerns immediately. Very professional but always so kind and warm. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Home Care Assistance to anyone. Five stars in my book" - Jay

“We received excellent care for our Mum by Home Care Assistance Victoria. 24 hours a day, the caregivers were attentive, professional, unfazed by anything, and clearly liked Mum. I was impressed by how they respectfully were immediately with her whenever she needed anything. They were good cooks too." - Joyce

“I only met Gail a month or so ago but she has had an immense impact on the quality of my life. When I applied for a companion, I did it with some trepidation and consider myself so lucky to have managed to get Gail. Gail is incredible, she gets me out and helps me get done those things I was rapidly losing the ability to do for myself any longer. She enables me to get my own groceries again–with considerable help from her, to get other things–often when she is off shift to ensure I do not go without. Is constantly by my side, making sure i do not fall, and a charming companion to boot. I feel so lucky that I got Gail.” — Andy M., Victoria, BC

“I want to express my thanks and gratitude to Lutgarda and her caring staff at Home Care Assistance for the assistance they provide to support me and my mother in our home care journey. They support me as part of a cohesive team to ensure my mum’s needs are met and that she gets the best care tailored to her specific requirements. I would have no hesitation recommending Home Care Assistance to care for a family’s loved ones." - L Sihota 

“It is so marvellous to have someone as nice as Flor. She is cheerful and helpful and she transports me to all my appointments. I am tremendously pleased and I can highly recommend the caregiver Flor.” — Mrs. John

“I heartily recommend Home Care Assistance for giving me excellent, friendly caregivers when I had a compression fracture recently. I would recommend anyone looking for good home care to contact Home Care Assistance as I have been very pleased with their service.” — Jeanne C.

Our Services

Our services are distinguished by the caliber of our caregivers, the responsiveness of our staff, and our expertise in live-in care. We embrace a positive, balanced approach to aging centered on the evolving needs of older adults.

Hourly Home Care

While some seniors need more frequent live-in services to maintain a balanced routine at home, others only need part-time assistance to manage their illnesses, recover from injury, or simply take care of daily activities around the house. Home Care Assistance - Victoria provides flexible and comprehensive hourly home care that promotes independence and self-esteem while our highly trained caregivers help seniors manage tasks around the house. To maintain this independence, we meet with family members to customize their loved ones schedules according our client’s individual needs and requirements.

Hourly Caregivers Give Seniors the Confidence They Need to Age in Place

Regardless of your loved one’s personal abilities, our hourly caregivers ensure seniors have the emotional support and stimulation they need to recuperate safely and effectively at home. In addition to promoting confidence and self-esteem, our compassionate caregivers help seniors maintain independence by assisting with various aspects of daily life. We offer prescription pick-ups, medication reminders, and transportation to and from medical appointments to help seniors manage their illness or injury at home. Additionally, we help seniors with physical disabilities around the house by assisting with personal care, housekeeping, and even nutritious meal preparation.

Respite Care for Family Caregivers

Not only do our hourly services help seniors, but they benefit family caregivers, too. Hourly home care through Victoria Home Care Assistance gives family members the time they need to rest and regroup after meeting the demands of a challenging caregiving schedule. This time away is important for caregivers to tend to their own mental and emotional wellbeing while knowing that their loved one’s are being cared for by expertly trained professionals.

24-Hour In-Home Nursing Care

Whether your loved one is recuperating from surgery, has been diagnosed with an illness, or requires more permanent care, he or she can get help in the comfort and familiarity of home no matter what time of day or night. Home Care Assistance of Victoria, BC, provides tailored live-in care to help seniors recover safely and effectively in their own homes. In addition to helping seniors recover, we also give them the confidence and emotional support they need to accomplish daily tasks around the house. We are always available to help your loved one with activities depending on his or her individual needs and requirements.

Highly Trained Caregivers Offer Comprehensive Live-In Care

Our experienced caregivers are expertly trained in the most current senior care techniques and can accommodate your loved one’s personal needs around the clock. After graduating from Home Care Assistance University, our live-in caregivers are better prepared to help Victoria seniors with numerous daily chores and activities. Physically disabled clients benefit from help with personal care including bathing, grooming and dressing in addition to mobility support and physical training. Other seniors may simply require transportation to and from medical appointments or need prescription pick-ups and reminders. While our caregivers are trained to assist seniors with medical problems, they are also equipped to help seniors with challenging tasks around the house such as housekeeping, dishes, laundry, meal preparation, and grocery shopping.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

When it comes to caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, families are faced with numerous challenges that can become overwhelming as the disease progresses. At Home Care Assistance - Victoria, we understand the road ahead can be difficult to navigate, which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing compassionate comprehensive care for our clients. Seniors with Alzheimer’s benefit from our home care because it allows them to age in a familiar setting. We also help them with activities of daily living, such as:

  • Grooming, bathing, incontinence and dressing
  • Housekeeping, laundry, and dishes
  • Medication reminders
  • Safety monitoring and fall prevention
  • Emotional support and companionship
  • What Makes Our Alzheimer’s Home Care Unique?

With all of the reputable choices for Alzheimer’s and Dementia care out there, you may wonder what sets Home Care Assistance - Victoria apart from other home care agencies. The key component of our comprehensive Alzheimer’s and Dementia home care rests with our experienced caregivers who undergo extensive training through Home Care Assistance University to build upon their previous senior care experience. We also take the time to match our clients with a compatible Alzheimer’s or Dementia caregiver and create a customized schedule tailored to their individual needs and requirements. Additionally, if for any reason you need to increase, decrease, or change your loved one’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia care plan, you can do so at no additional cost. Our trusted Care Managers are always available to take your call and answer your questions.

Boost Alzheimer’s and Dementia Services with Our Proprietary Care Method

We supplement Alzheimer’s and Dementia care plans with our patented Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM). CTM is a scientifically proven program specially designed for seniors with cognitive diseases . It is comprised of a series of specialized games and activities that work to stimulate brain function, delay cognitive decline, sharpen mental acuity, and stave off memory loss. In addition to stimulating senior cognition, this program promotes a sense of accomplishment and bolsters self-esteem.

In-Home Stroke Care for Seniors

The road to recovery after a stroke is paved with challenges that not all families are equipped to handle on their own. Fortunately, Home Care Assistance - Victoria provides premier in-home post-stroke care to help seniors recover quickly and effectively in the comfort of home. Our team of highly trained professionals is always available to help your loved one whether he or she needs part-time assistance or live-in post-stroke care.

Our Friendly Caregivers Help Seniors with Post-Stroke Recovery

Our highly trained and dedicated caregivers help seniors recover quickly and efficiently from stroke in the comfort of home. Stroke care isn’t only about helping seniors recuperate. It’s also important to make life at home more manageable while recovering. To accomplish this quickly and efficiently, our compassionate caregivers can help with some or all of the following tasks:

  • Physical therapy exercises
  • Mobility support and bed and wheelchair transfers
  • Prescription pick-up and reminders
  • Running errands
  • Personal care including bathing, dressing, and incontinence
  • Emotional support, companionship, and mental stimulation
  • Our Balanced Care Method Supplements Post-Stroke Care

Families can supplement their loved ones’ post-stroke care with our patented Balanced Care Method (BCM) at no additional cost. Caregivers use BCM to encourage health, self-esteem, and overall wellbeing during the golden years, which aids in stroke recovery. This holistic program helps seniors build and maintain a balanced daily routine that promotes healthy eating, regular exercise, socialization, mental stimulation, and a sense of purpose.

Post-stroke recovery requires a combination of patience, positivity, and compassion. No one knows this better than Victoria Home Care Assistance. We understand that stroke recovery may take a while, but our experienced caregivers are committed to providing optimal stroke care for as long as it’s needed.

Parkinson’s Care

Symptoms such as slowness in movement, poor balance and uncontrollable tremors can make daily tasks difficult and cause elevated anxiety and frustration among individuals living with Parkinson’s. At Home Care Assistance - Victoria, we understand the overwhelming challenges with which seniors with Parkinson’s struggle, which is why we take pride in providing professional assistance and specialized Parkinson’s care for a better quality of life at home.

Specialized In-Home Care for Parkinson’s Patients Care that Goes Beyond the Basics

Our dedicated caregivers provide daily assistance with activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, walking, light housekeeping, meal preparation and much more. Our caregivers work hard to ensure that our clients with Parkinson’s maintain their independence and are empowered to live a more fulfilling and enriched life. In addition to assistance with activities of daily living, our specialized Parkinson’s home care includes:

  • Customized care plan to ensure the client’s needs are being met
  • Hourly or live-in home care on a flexible schedule you decide
  • Healthy meal preparation, physical exercise and social interaction for optimal quality of life
  • Consistent Care and monitoring to prevent falls and other accidents
  • Companionship, support and assistance with daily tasks
  • Transportation to appointments and errands
  • Providing a positive and safe environment promoting independence
  • A Trusted Name In-Home Care – Reliable, Professional and Compassionate Caregivers

Home Care Assistance - Victoria is a reputable company, trusted in the medical community and here to help ensure the comfort and safety of our clients with Parkinson’s disease. Our caregivers have been rigorously screened, background checked, given our proprietary personality exam and carefully selected from our pool of applicants. We take pride in providing exceptional service in-home care with experienced, professional and compassionate caregivers.

Happier and Healthier Lives at Home for Parkinson’s Patients

At Home Care Assistance - Victoria, we provide our clients with Parkinson’s disease with quality care that enables them to live happier, healthier lives at home. Our services are distinguished by the caliber of our caregivers, the responsiveness of our staff and our expertise in live-in care. Our caregivers embrace a positive, balanced approach to home care, centered on the evolving needs of seniors with Parkinson’s disease.

Post-Hospital In-Home Care

One of the top causes of hospital re-admission or delayed recovery following a hospitalization is insufficient support or the lack of personalized care. If you or a loved one has recently been hospitalized or is scheduled for an upcoming surgery or procedure, you may find the experience of sorting post-hospitalization care to be challenging. At Home Care Assistance - Victoria, we are committed to reducing avoidable hospital re-admissions and making the transition back to home, following a hospitalization, as seamless as possible. Our specialized post-hospitalization care promotes a faster recovery period for our clients and provides peace of mind for their loved ones.

Specialized Post-Hospitalization Care Allows a Seamless Transition Back to Home

The days and weeks immediately after discharge from the hospital is a critical time for patients. With our specialized post-hospitalization care, a caregiver is present before discharge to ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to the home and to assist with a wide range of daily tasks. Assistance with activities of daily living allow individuals in recovery to focus on getting well and achieving their optimal quality of life.

Our post hospital care services include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing a nutritious diet, physical exercise and social interaction
  • Completing household chores like cleaning, laundry and dishes
  • Creating a positive and supportive environment for recovery
  • Personal hygiene assistance with grooming, bathing and toileting
  • Assistance with walking and wheelchair and bed transfers

Avoid Hospital Re-Admittance with Post-Hospital Care

35% of seniors are re-admitted to the hospital after only 90 days of being discharged, usually because they did not follow the instructions for medication and treatment or missed a follow up appointment. In addition to assistance with daily activities, our specialized post-hospital care helps our clients avoid re-admission through the following ways:

  • Personalized recovery plan tailored to the patient’s care needs
  • Support our clients in therapy exercises
  • Transportation for follow-up appointments
  • Provide a balanced diet and healthy meal preparation to promote total health

We know that each client is unique. Our caregiver coordinates with our client, their family, physicians and pharmacists to create a personalized post-hospitalization care plan.

In-Home Hospice Care

When your loved one’s health takes a turn for the worst and treatment or a cure is no longer feasible, Home Care Assistance makes it possible for seniors to live their final days as they wish. Most people prefer to remain in the comfort of their home, surrounded by their family, friends and belongings. Honor their wishes with hospice care at home.

Hospice Care at Home Provides Maximum Comfort in Their Final Days

Our professional and dedicated caregivers assist with activities of daily living to bring peace of mind and respite for our clients and their families. Let Home Care Assistance take on their everyday needs, so you can enjoy valuable quality time with your loved one. Our caregivers provide assistance with the following for maximum comfort in their final days:

  • Meal preparation and grocery shopping
  • Household chores such as cleaning, laundry and dishes
  • 24/7 monitoring and assistance for the client’s safety
  • Pick up medication and provide medication assistance
  • Maintain personal hygiene with bathing, grooming and dressing
  • End-of-Life Care and Compassionate Support for Hospice Patients

We believe hospice care is a partnership between the client, their family, physician and a personal caregiver all working together to bring the best quality of life for the patient. Our purpose is to provide personal end-of-life care and compassionate support to our client with:

  • A customized care plan tailored to meet their needs
  • Patient privacy in the comfort and familiarity of home
  • Receiving care with dignity and respect
  • Hourly or live-in home care on a flexible schedule you decide
  • Companionship, support and assistance with daily tasks
  • Support for families and encouraging their involvement

Home Care Assistance is the Preferred Choice for Families

Home Care Assistance provides compassionate caregivers to affirm the final stage of life as a uniquely personal experience in the comfort of their home.

ClearCare Family Room

ClearCare Family Room – More than home care software

About Us

Home Care Assistance - Victoria offers in-home nursing, hospice care, post-hospital care and dementia care in Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt, Sidney and surrounding areas. Our care plans are customized, ensuring your loved one only receives the help he or she needs, which allows for greater opportunities to maintain independence in other aspects of life.

Our mission at Home Care Assistance - Victoria is to change the way the world ages. We provide older adults with quality care that enables them to to age in place, in a familiar home environment surrounded by their cherished memories. Around-the-clock care is a great alternative to assisted living facilities or retirement homes.

Communities We Serve:

  • Victoria, Esquimalt, Saanich
  • Central Saanich, Sidney
  • Oak Bay Community, Fernwood
  • Rockland, Uplands, Cordova Bay
  • Cadboro Bay, Fairfield, James bay
  • Vic West, Broadmead and Surrounding Areas

Our Staff

Lutgarda Mariano – Owner

Lutgarda has founded and grown several businesses and has worked in a number of industries. At the heart of every role is her desire to help people better their lives through the power of choice. Becoming the owner and director of Home Care Assistance - Victoria was an easy transition for Lutgarda, whose drive to help others improve their quality of life is directly aligned with the company’s goal to change how the world ages.

Over the years, she has watched older family members struggle with aging and began building long-lasting relationships within the healthcare community in Victoria, BC. Through these personal experiences, both good and bad, Lutgarda discovered the importance of integrity and loyalty in an organization that puts clients first. She has dedicated her life to helping others and will continue to do so at Home Care Assistance by providing high-quality in-home support for seniors and peace of mind for their families.

Barbara MacKinnon – Operational Manager & HCA Privacy Officer

Barb’s experience in directing business operations has developed through her work with a variety of companies, contractors & subcontractors, entrepreneurial endeavours, specialized consulting services and corporate administration. She has strong interpersonal and communication skills, with a collaborative approach to business and partnership development. As a professional certified Coach / Master Coach, HR manager, CTM Interventionist Program Manager and an experienced facilitator/trainer for advanced level programs, Barb is involved with a wide range of activities day-to-day. In addition to having directed financial and operations management for large and small businesses, she works with our corporate office guidelines to implement change locally, and to provide support for our incredible clients and their families, our trusted care providers and valued team members.

Annabella Morrell – Office Administrator

Annabella has a Commerce and Secretarial background, developed through her roles as an Officer-in-Charge with a foundation in Europe, Executive Assistant and Executive Secretary positions for multimedia-related organisations, and a combination of Volunteer work in Victoria, BC including Reception, Accounting Assistance, and Office Administration. These opportunities have all contributed to her wealth of experience, friendly manner and the ability to meet office, care team and client needs quickly and efficiently. Annabella loves reading, classical music, opera, ancient history, astronomy, socio-economic-political and environmental issues.

Maria ­­­­­­ – Scheduler

Prior to immigrating to Victoria, BC, Maria had been working in a financial institution for 15 years in the Philippines as well as in a private company in Dubai.  Maria graduated from a Business Office diploma program at a post-secondary college in Victoria. Working as administrative support as well as a Facilitator in a post-secondary college provided her with the experience of building professional relationships with the students and the community. She is very passionate to get things done.  As Scheduler at Home Care Assistance Victoria, Maria brings her strong organizational and communication skills. She loves a challenge and helping people. Her optimism and problem-solving abilities have also made her a valuable contribution to our team.  In her free time, she is busy spending time with her family and enjoying the fabulous nature of the island.

Amelia Victoria – Scheduler

Amelia’s years of Scheduling experience stem from her work in both the restaurant and healthcare industries. Through hard work and perseverance, she has successfully graduated as a registered Health Care Assistant, followed by over three years as a dedicated worker for the elderly. Amelia’s experience includes time with clients in a facility environment, where she witnessed the daily struggle of the residents with their illnesses and loneliness. Amelia has seen first-hand the difference that personal care and compassion make with our senior population. She strives to treat them, as she would her own family. Amelia brings a wealth of experience, skills and a warm, outgoing personality to our Administrative Team. Her hobbies are cooking and watching television series.

Joseph V. – Senior Team Leader

Joseph began taking care of the elderly with his grandparents until their passing. From that experience, he knew that this was the career he wanted to do. He went to school to come to become a Health Care Assistant and quickly found employment with a seniors’ facility. He loves taking care of the residents because he feels like he is taking care of his family. He gains great satisfaction providing quality care and always takes the time to give an extra touch of personalized care to each and every client every day. He loves to see their smiles and every day he leaves with a smile on his face as well.




Struggling caring for an aging loved one? Home Care Assistance can help!

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About Home Care Assistance

About Home Care Assistance

Cognitive Therapeutics Method

Cognitive Therapeutics Method

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