Apex Massage Therapy

Apex Massage Therapy

Apex is a group of well-educated massage therapists who care about their clients. Since 1994, our company has grown from two therapists to twelve and with that comes shared treatment knowledge and a variety of techniques. You are assured to find the best therapist for your health needs.

With 12 registered therapists, Apex offers you preventative and therapeutic massage in their comfortable and serene clinic, seven days a week.

Apex recognizes your busy lifestyle and offers chair massage in your office for the employees of your business.

Services at Apex:


$45 Quick Concern

Thirty minutes of intense relaxation. Your therapist will massage your concerns away while giving you relief from that "sore" spot.

$60 Self Care

Forty Five minutes of intense treatment to maintain wellness and prevent injury or over use.

$80 What you need

Sixty minutes of therapeutic massage that will loosen tense musculature, strengthen your immune system, prevent injury and decrease the stress hormones that age our body and cause illness, all while still having fun, learning about your body and how to salvage what's left.

$120 What you Want

Ninety minutes of full body relaxation. Together with your therapist, you will plan your appointment. This could consist of deep therapeutic techniques to treat a "trouble" area or maybe you are looking for the "top of your head to the tip of your toe" treatment. The appointment is over when we attempt to scrape our flattened guest off the treatment table.

$80 Pre and Post Natal

All moms and moms to be deserve this time alone to focus on themselves during these changes. Massage helps relieve the pain that is caused from the ligaments loosening and aids in reducing the edema (bloating) that some women experience.  Apex offers the pregnancy bolster table; come and lie on your stomach in the ninth month.

$100 Hot Stone Massage

Experience sixty minutes of massage with soothing hot and cool massage stones and you will feel the benefits this hydotherapy treatment offers you. You will experience profound relaxation and release of tension. Your circulation will rapidly be altered when stones are used and in turn, this increases the function of every cell. With the acceleration of blood flow, you will have improved healing and detoxification



Services at your Home or Business:


$20/15 Minutes On-Site Seated Massage

Better than a coffee break! Fifteen minutes of massage to your arms, neck and back will stimulate and revive your weary body. A registered massage therapist will come to your office and provide each employee with fifteen minutes of accupressure massage. This treatment rejuvenates the team, helps increase the bottom line and decrease the health care claims. (Or $80/hour)

$175 Couples Massage

Two registered therapists will provide massage side by side in the comforts of your home.  Whether you choose a relaxation or therapeutic treatment, you will enjoy the ability to slide into your robe and enjoy the effects of your massage.


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