Brampton Union Ergonomics Clinic

Brampton Union Ergonomics Clinic, Brampton Union Ergonomics ClinicBrampton Union Ergonomics Clinic, Brampton, Ontaio

We are proudly Canadian. Our mission is to be unsurpassed standard of excellence in alleviating discomfort and helping employees work without pain and to keep them healthy at work. We define our success by the number of workers whose quality of work we improve. More than 3000 patients have trusted us and chosen us as their health service provider. 

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The Foot Clinic Brampton - J. K. Takhar

253 Main Street North Brampton ON

We specialize in custom made orthotics and high quality shoes. With 3 months free adjustment policy we make sure your orthotics will be comfortable. We also carry brand name shoes in variety of styles. 

Custom made orthotics, Orthopaedic shoes, Safety shoes, Compression socks, Support braces, Custom knee brace, TENS machine, Chiropractic treatments, Spinal traction therapy

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109 Kennedy Road South, Unit 2A ,
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