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Designed to help you fully understand your personal chemical, neurological and emotional chemistry, The DOCTORS Weight Loss Program will help you identify, change and control the unique core elements of your individual weight loss needs.

For the first time in your life you will have the esteeming instruments you need to reprogram and manage your weight with absolute confidence. That's why we believe the Calgary DOCTORS Weight Loss Program will be the last weight loss program you will ever need.

Our Unique Tripartite Weight Loss Formula

1. Doctor Guided Weight Loss:

At DOCTORS, your health and safety is our first priority. Our Doctors and weight loss facilitators are trained to treat your individual and unique needs to ensure lasting weight reduction. A personal strategy will be created for you and your unique circumstances.

During your weekly visits, if any other weight loss prohibiting concerns arise, they will be professionally identified. And if you wish, addressed with supplemental testing and services. You can rest assured that you will receive personal care to help you optimize and sustain your individual weight loss program.

2. Change How You Think About Food:

Appetite comes from the mind. Hunger comes from the body. In today’s stressful world, the brain often confuses these two signals. The body’s neuro-messengers are often mistakenly triggered, programming the brain to turn to food for comfort and protection from the misinterpreted “survival signals”. The truth is, food is rarely the root of weight gain. Often, the real cause of the problem is the sabotaging thoughts and emotions that trigger false messages, which need to be changed.

The DOCTORS proven Brain Wave Entrainment technology will calm and help rejuvenate your nervous system, as you safely retrain your brain to effectively change your thoughts and relationship with food. You will “relearn” to only eat when you are hungry. Understanding and experiencing food as fuel for the body, so you can “stop eating your stress”. Your body will then naturally burn off calories, since it no longer needs to eat or store them to combat stress or feed limiting beliefs.

3. Feed Your Body With What It Wants:

You are unique. Every one of us has a different “chemistry”. Our brains, our organs, our digestive systems and metabolic rates, to mention a few, are different. Trying to lose weight by tricking your body to burn weight with fat burning stimulants, or frozen foods that may not match your unique “makeup”, only creates internal aggravations. Sending natural signals of panic to the brain that shut off your natural, long-term fat burning abilities.

DOCTORS brainwave entrainment will help you change your thinking, and cravings will fade. But unless you also reprogram your unique neuro-chemical systems with healthy foods, your brain will instinctively return to the old chemical cravings of the past.

Your body has an optimal food formula. Eat the right foods, in the right quantities, for YOUR “makeup”; and the weight will naturally come off. The DOCTORS structure is designed with regular weekly visits, so our trusted Doctors and Facilitators can help you confidently choose and consume the correct foods and supplements your body needs. Not what a salesperson or replacement food program wants.

Of course, exercise is an important part of lasting weight loss success. However, every lifestyle is different, therefore during the weekly visits, our Doctors will counsel with you to help you adopt a sensible exercise routine that suits your physical, emotional and mental requirements.

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