Burlington Wholistic Wellness Expo

Burlington Wholistic Wellness Expo

Welcome To Burlington’s Largest Wholistic Wellness Expo

 With over 120 local and surrounding area practitioners and vendors that provide a great variety of:

  • natural health practitioners
  • doctors of alternative medicine
  • energy-field practitioners
  • nutritional information (including live blood analysis)
  • many natural health products, jewelry and other merchandise

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About Us:

With the Burlington Wholistic Wellness Expo, the public has an opportunity to experience the truly gifted practitioners, and natural health products that we have right here in our own local and surrounding community. This is why we offer different types of therapy/product/food/coaching/remedies so that the public can SEE and FEEL for themselves which modalities resonate BEST for him/her without high costs. (Donations are appreciated by the practitioners but not necessary)Music is extremely nourishing to the soul and very healing at the same time. Michael Moon, Edward, and Lisbeth have been soul friends for a very long time, and we know the beauty and love that goes into every one of Michael Moon’s songs as he tunes into the vibration of the event and plays accordingly.

Come out and ENJOY...

The Burlington Wholistic WellnessExpo will endeavor to create aharmonious community of learning andhealing.

We consistenly achieve this by inviting AMAZING premier practitioners and vendors that are selected for their Heart Centered personality and Excellence.

Furthermore, our practitioners have a proven ability to provide high quality services and our vendors offer various products that are superior and unique.

At the Burlington Wholistic Wellness Expo, you will not see the same product over and over again. We hand select all of our practitioners and vendors to ensure that there is a huge variety of product and individualized services to choose from.

About Lisbeth and Edward:

They are both extremely passionate about natural health and wellness, and have their own business right here in Burlington, Ontario. To learn more about them and what they do, please go to www.luminousenergeticpathways.comThe reason that they started the community based Wholistic Wellness Expo is because they both believe that there is an extraordinary need to bring natural health and wellness into every home.Today in the media, and in social settings, we are continuously hearing about sickness and mental/emotional health issues, and seeing how it is literally destroying lives.Therefore, Edward and Lisbeth came up with the idea of offering the Burlington Wholistic Wellness Expo (held once a year) where any person can come out and learn more about how to heal and enhance themselves naturally and create wellness within their own homes.



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