Cindy Nicholson - Gokhale Method Instructor

Cindy Nicholson - Gokhale Method Instructor

Gokhale Method Instructor - Oakville

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? 

The Gokhale Method is a proven approach that teaches you how you can use everyday movement (sitting, standing, walking, bending and sleeping) to reduce or eliminate your back, neck, hip or shoulder pain.

Developed by Esther Gokhale over 20 years ago in the United States, the Gokhale Method is now in Ontario!

Cindy Nicholson is proud to be the only Gokhale Method Instructor in Ontario.  Cindy was drawn to the Gokhale Method as it focuses on the root cause of back pain: poor posture. As a former Phys-Ed teacher and corporate trainer, Cindy loves to work with people that are looking to make healthy improvements in their lives.  After Cindy experienced extraordinary improvement to her own back pain by incorporating the Gokhale Method, she is keen to help others that are needlessly suffering.

The Gokhale method is offered as private or group classes.  

Call now to find out how the Gokhale Method can help you alleviate your pain at  289 218 5252. 

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