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Andrea Ashley Co., GTA, Ontario

I have spent the better part of 12 years focused on aromatherapy, making natural skin care products and creating memorable events- all in which allows me to help people, to make them feel good, to bring happiness and help reduce stress in peoples lives. Man- I love that!

Throughout those years I have obtained many certifications and diplomas to further my knowledge before creating Andrea Ashley Co- a company that integrates holistic skin care, self care and self love into an awesome lifestyle website that includes all my passions and expertise.

So just in case you are wanting to know who you are taking advice and buying essential oils from...Click on thye about us tab

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Custom Product Design

Craving the next step in your business? I get it and I can help.

Create your very own custom branded holistic skin care Product Line for your Business, Personal Brand, Corporation, or Special Event

Advertise with a self-branded skin care product as a special promotion giveaway or upscale incentive. Create a retail line for your existing brand or business. Customize a skin care product of your choice to match your theme to give out as party + wedding favours or swag for your special event, conference or retreat!

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