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LTC/ Retirement Facility Foot Care Nurse Program

Do you have a loved one in a Retirement or Long-Term Care Facility in need of proper medical foot care?

AFCN Inc. offers…

Better Foot Nurses * Better Communication Better Organization * Better Outcomes

We have the perfect size company and foot care nursing staff to handle and properly take care of of any foot care contract. We practice in homes as small as 20 residents to much larger contracts serving 200 residents!

We keep everyone happy it’s our goal (if the families are happy with services then facility staff is happy too and likely to hear no issues).

When offering foot care in a facility there’s a lot that goes along with it. It takes a team consisting of an administrator, office staff, and billing coordination. Besides the care that is completed for the residents, there are many calls and questions that family may have and need to be answered in a timely manner. Our office and billing team quickly and efficiently gets new resident referrals set up. Welcome calls are made to all family and POA’s. Our company invests in an amazing medical management software that organizes appointments client information and helps us to get the invoices quickly.

We make sure to be in our buildings on a weekly basis for care. This is very beneficial when a resident needs to emergently be seen, new ones come on or someone needs to be checked. We do not leave them waiting for care, this always causes issues as we have seen other foot nurse businesses do this in and out method, when their nurses only visit every 6-8 weeks or even letting it go months.

One call to us and the nurse can be there the next day!

Happy Feet, Happy families, Happy facilities!

We proudly offer and only focus to specialize in professional Foot Care Programs for all Ontario Facilities. We have grown over the years to move out of our local area And gather amazing Footcare Nurses throughout Ontario to join our team and our program to better assist you. We carefully train and skill audit our foot nursing staff.

Long-term Care Centres and Retirement Homes will receive Best Practice Care from Registered Foot Care Nurses as outlined by the CNO.

Our programs also offer Compression sick fittings onsite, Orthotics and slippers/shoe wear. Delivered right to their room and fit for comfort.

We encourage you to call and speak to one of our Facility Care Specialists.

Over 19 happy Facilities and 2 hospitals! They offer their residents our Foot Care Program and Expert Foot Nurses.

Let your Facility know we have a great Foot Care Program and meet all regulatory and PPE requirements. Perhaps it’s time to have us in your facility.

We have enough nurses to keep

1 Foot Nurse to 1 Facility!

We are a foot care company with a personal touch.

We carry the proper professional liability insurance titles needed to practice in health care facilities.

We have proper commercially located Sterilization Rooms for all our tools and equipment. Professional autoclave logs are kept and audited regularly to make sure we are following all policies and procedures of the public health care unit. Staff cleaning equipment have medical re-processing certification. When the ministry is in your facility at any time they could ask to see the policies and procedures of outside providers. We are there for you when this happens and are ready to help.

These are both important issues when you are being audited for your accreditation.

Call us and we would be glad to visit. We offer very reasonable rates and will work with you always.

Seniors Foot Care is Important and we are here to help.