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Spring Cleaning-More than just cleaning the House!

Spring is a time for renewal. Everything comes alive after the long winter rest. The snow melts, spring flowers appear and everyone gets busy cleaning up yards, houses and cars. Getting rid of old stuff is very rejuvenating.

What about our bodies?  Spring is also a time to do a detoxification of our bodies which helps to flush out all the rubbish that our bodies accumulate, especially over the winter months – not enough activity and too much holiday eating.

If you’ve done a cleanse before, you know the wonderful benefits that can be obtained from this process.  If you’ve never done a cleanse, now is a great time to think about doing one and there’s many ways to go about it.  Cleansing can be accomplished through the use of specific herbs that have detoxifying and stimulating effects on the body.

In my initial studies, it was taught to clean areas of the body separately: colon, lymph, liver, etc.  This is an older thinking protocol and there are many effective ways to cleanse the entire body gently and effectively, over time.  (after all, you like your whole house cleaned at one time as well, right?)   Cleansing kits and programs are readily available which provide a combination of these or other herbs, along with colon cleansing herbs, to provide a convenient, safe and effective way of doing a cleanse.  Dietary considerations while doing a cleanse are very important as this will enhance the effect of the cleanse.  Avoid coffee, tea, sugar, refined flour products, alcohol, fried foods and emphasize a basic whole foods diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Grains should be varied and complex, such as cooked brown Basmati or Long Grain rice, quinoa, millet, etc.  Organic meat, fish and chicken may be consumed in small amounts.  Raw juicing and even a day or two of fasting can further augment the cleansing process and give the digestive system a much needed break.  

Cleansing rejuvenates the spirit as well as the body.  When done properly, it will leave you feeling renewed and energized.  For the best advice on what type of cleanse is appropriate for you, consult a natural health practitioner who is knowledgeable about this subject.Joanne Mulhall