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6 Steps On The Road To Healthy – Part 1

There is such an increasing and overwhelming amount of "health info" out there, it's no wonder that it can feel extremely daunting when we consider what it means to be 'optimally healthy' and how to get there.

There is such an increasing and overwhelming amount of “health info” out there, it’s no wonder that it can feel extremely daunting when we consider what it means to be ‘optimally healthy’ and how to get there. I have excellent news for you! It’s not difficult!

Tried and true methods

I would like to share with you some tried and true methods I have learned and practised in my own life as well as with my clients over my past decade in the health and wellness industry. You can easily incorporate some or all of these into your daily life, even over time, that will send you leaps and bound ahead on the road to healthville.

The Big Six

There are only six foundational principals that need to be balanced in order to achieve health and keep it. Three of these take energy away from all parts of our beings, and three of them give us renewed energy and life force.


The three foundational principals that drain our energy are:

– Thinking

– Breathing

– Movement

New life force

The three foundational principals that give us new life force are:

– Sleep

– Nutrition

– Hydration

It’s a wonder we have any energy!

When you think about the amount of people that are thinking, breathing and moving every day, which includes all of us, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, compared to the amount of people that impart proper sleep, nutrition and hydration into their daily lives, it’s astounding that any of us have any energy left at all to survive! I will share with you one simple trick from each category, that you can use to keep your system better balanced, and your life feeling better each day.

1. Positive thinking

Thinking by far rules the roost when it comes to all aspects of our lifestyles that impact our health. We have an average of 70,000 thoughts per day, and believe it or not, without even thinking about it, most of these are negative! It’s a great idea to begin to monitor your thoughts!

When you catch a negative thought, stop it in its tracks and immediately consider the opposite (even if it’s not true at the time).

If the positive side of the negative thought is just too far to reach for in that moment, simply consider the potential of getting there, and then immediately choose a better feeling thought no matter what it is. A lot of negative thought patterns we have are completely unnecessary to be pondering.

2. Take a deep breath

We often end up breathing into the chest as we go through our lives, due to stressors that we feel are affecting us, and even those that we are unaware are affecting us on a subconscious level.

It is important that our back ribs are expanding with each breath, and it has been proving that these will loosen and expand simply by being mindful of this happening, and breathing into that space.

Not to mention, the deep belly breath that moves our diaphragm is the only pump that the Healthy Body has to flush out and renew our cerebral spinal fluid. Don’t let that remain stagnant.