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Botox babies?

You may need to sit down for this one.

I came across an article in the UK tabloid “The Sun” about a 34 year old pageant mother(Kerry) Healthy Living in San Francisco with her 8 year old pageant princess daughter (Britney). Now if pageant mothers weren’t scary enough this one is absolutely shocking. She goes far past giving her daughter fake eyelashes and spray tans. She’s taken the insanity to the next level. This woman actually injects her daughter’s forehead, lips, and eye area with Botox every 3 months. She buys the Botox online and injects the needles herself. 

“I’d rather she be perfect and have a little frozen face. Some people say her eyebrows look a little pulled already but they look striking” says Kerry.

She is proud that her daughter is one of the youngest people in the world using Botox for beauty purposes. And although doctors and plastic surgeons have warned that these products should only be used on adults, she doesn’t seem to think she is putting her daughter in any danger. In the US and UK, there are no laws against children having these type of treatments because the industry is self-regulated.

8-year old Britney has now begun the ritual of checking for wrinkles every night before going to bed, and has aspirations of getting a “nose job” and breast enhancement in the future so she can “be a star”. Equally disturbing, Kerry takes her daughter for Healthy Body waxes to prevent hair from growing once she hits puberty.  Apparently these treatments are becoming more and more popular among the American child beauty pageant crowd.

I must say, I have absolutely no problem with adults having facial injections, or plastic surgery if it’s for the right reasons. If it makes you more confident, the area of concern can’t be fixed with a healthy diet and exercise and if you can afford it, then go for it. As an adult, you can make your own decisions after doing research and can evaluate the possible negative consequences. But I can’t imagine a mother putting their child through unnecessary pain to get rid of non-existent wrinkles. She is teaching her daughter that the way she looks is more important than her health, safety, brains, or personality.

This story although creepy and revolting makes me feel heartbroken for the little girl. Having been raised by the most supportive and caring mother on the planet, I can’t imagine how much pressure is put on her by her mother’s obsessive hopes of her daughter becoming “famous”.

I don’t think this woman will be winning the “Mother of the Year” title anytime soon. “Clinically insane” sounds much more appropriate to me.


Until next time,

Peace, love and vitamin C!



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