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BIC Pen for Her: Misogynist or brilliant?

Women have come a long way, haven’t we? We are heads of households and at the helm of corporations. We can use a power tool without breaking a nail or having to ask a man to locate the on/off switch. We can run for president and prime minister, that’s HUGE, isn’t it? That’s what I thought, too. And hey, we’re no longer relegated to holding three babies in one arm, while whipping up a meal for our man with the other. We’ve made the big time, ladies, but something still eludes us.

Evidently we are far too dainty to hold and write with the same ballpoint pen that has been around since the turn of the century – no, not the 21st! The 20th! With an elegant design, thinner barrel and pretty pastel colours, you know, “just for her,” the BIC Cristal For Her has a brilliant marketing ploy; unfortunately they’re just 100 years late in coming out with it!

Are they for real that we can’t even be trusted to spell crystal correctly and BIC has to turn it into some cutesy wootsy name? You can probably imagine that I had a serious rant brewing inside me but then I read the numerous product reviews on and realized that there was little I could say that nearly 600 people haven’t already said! And you know me; I read them all! As I did, it began to cross my mind that some marketing bigwig is laughing all the way to the bank with HIS idea.

I haven’t decided whether I am going to buy a set. It’s a tough call, but I’ll keep you posted. Perhaps what I’ll do is take a new photo for my blog with my new BIC Cristal for Her. What do you think suits my adorable personality better – lavender or pastel pink? I am just too feeble to decide. Help me, please!

You ponder that thought and in the meantime I leave with you the two reviewers that made me laugh so hard I nearly dropped my pinky winky nail polish.

Forester057 raves:

  • “I kept my BIC nearby in the kitchen because its sooo inspiring just like Agatha Christie said “The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.” Maybe thats why my boyfriend has never written a book… (Whoops me neither so far Ive only been able to write grocery lists & draw unicorns LOLZ but its close enough! <3 Unicorns 4eva.)
  • Just last night I used 20 BICs to wrap my hair & today its all in adorable widdle curls! (I posted ‘selfie’ to make all my ‘frenemies’ jealous!)
  • Ive also been digging holes in the garden with my BIC for planting Geraniums (I just wuvs flowers la de da wheeeeeeee flowers!).

Please BIC, make a ManPen so we can get back the equality in our relationship.”

A woman of few words, but boy can she draw comparisons with her BIC Cristal for Her is Edith Ann:

“I have waited sixty years for this product. When I held one in my hand I swooned. Every “Her” in my family will be getting these for Christmas. All my sisters, nieces and girlfriends will be so fulfilled once they try out the BIC Ball Pens for Her. At last, equal pens for equal work.”


Until next time,

Peace, love and vitamin C!



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