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Epic celebrity fitness blunders

Are you still clinging on to that New Year’s resolution of getting fit? Well done! It can be hard to stay motivated. From time to time we all make mistakes when it comes to our fitness. Let’s take a look at some celebrity fitness fails.

Have you ever completed a marathon? No? Well allegedly neither has Katie Holmes. The former Mrs. Cruise ran the 2007 New York Marathon but no one knows whether she finished or not. Meanwhile, former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan did finish a marathon in just over 4 hours. Not a bad time, but Ryan announced he ran it in under 3 hours. Who would have thought a politician would lie? Shocking!

Speaking of shocking, what’s with these celebrities smoking after their workouts? Pop star Rihanna was spotted by a British tabloid puffing away after a workout in Hawaii. Jenni “J-Woww” Farley has just quit smoking, but before she did she was spotted enjoying a post-gym cigarette. Not a very healthy way to finish your exercise session!

What about getting busted for doing some crooked promo work? Between them, the Kardashian sisters have been responsible for 45 million dollars worth of lawsuits. Kim promoted a popular training sneaker with false promises and then Khloe, Kim and Kourtney were all named in a suit against their diet products that didn’t work. It’s hard to have much sympathy, but I’m sure Jillian Michaels would know how they feel, she was slapped with a couple of lawsuits over her diet pills and detox products. What did we learn? Make sure your products work before you put your name and face on them.

Even professional athletes have epic fails from time to time. Consider Suriname’s Wym Essajas, who was the first ever Olympian from his country in the 1960 Games. Pity he was given the wrong time for his race and was still asleep as his rivals crossed the finish line. Then there was Jim Marshall of the Minnesota Vikings, christened “Wrong-way Marshall” after running 66 yards to the wrong end zone. He only realized something was wrong when the 49ers (the opposing team) starting hugging him. Now that’s a fail!

Don’t worry, the sportspeople of today are keeping up the bad work of their predecessors. Manti Te’o of Notre Dame was wallowing in public sympathy after his girlfriend died from leukemia. He was even nominated for the Heisman Trophy. What’s the problem? The girlfriend never existed. Could he get any lower?


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