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Surprising differences between men and women

You think you know the majority of the differences between the genders, right? Wrong! There are so many subtleties that you’d never notice them until someone pointed them out. Well, I am here to do just that. Here are some interesting differences between men and women, from tweeting to cheating!

It takes more to make a woman laugh, but it’s worth it

Here’s an interesting fact. Women are often painted as the more emotional sex, so you would imagine we are more forthcoming with laughs and tears than men. But it doesn’t work quite that way. Women tend to laugh more heartily, but we won’t do it as readily as men. Guys, when a lady giggles at your jokes, she’s probably being polite. If you really made her laugh, you’d know it!

Women have more nightmares

According to research for the UWE in England, women are more prone to nightmares. More than that, their nightmares tend to be related to everyday life. These stresses carry over into the night, and it acts as a “subconscious coping strategy”.

Unsurprisingly, men had more dreams about sex. Who would have guessed that?

Women confess to different sins

While we’re on the subject, guess what features in the men’s’ list of most-confessed sins (according to a survey of Catholics in 2009) – that’s right, lust! The runners up were gluttony and sloth. Meanwhile, women were more likely to confess to anger, pride and envy.

Women social-network more

Now I’m wondering whether the sins women confess to are in any way connected to what they spend their days doing….i.e. social networking? What is more likely to provoke anger and envy than looking at someone else’s perfect life on Facebook?

Of course, men are keen internet users too, but they tend to use it more for leisure and practical reasons.

Women are more sensitive to mood

Now, this shouldn’t be too surprising. Did you realize that women are biologically more sensitive to mood? We have 39% more mood receptors then men, but less than half as much protein to transport them. This makes us women especially vulnerable to the stress hormones, which can lead to depression and anxiety.

Women 50 and under are more likely to die from a heart attack

Twice as likely in fact! Symptoms of a heart attack are different in a woman than a man. According to the US National Institutes of Health, less than 30% of female heart attack victims felt any kind of chest pain before their attack. In fact, the most common symptom reported was unusual fatigue, with 70% reporting that as a symptom.

Women are less keen to negotiate on salary

Women may be catching up to men in the boardroom, but they’re not doing themselves too many favours by refusing to negotiate when it comes to salary. A survey of entry-level jobseekers showed that men are four times as likely to ask for a larger salary. 

Women are more sensitive to colour

Another amazing inbuilt difference – women can actually see finer variations of colour than men. So, it’s not just a cop-out – men genuinely can’t tell whether a woman’s outfit goes together well or not. Probably best to rely on your own eyes ladies!


Until next time,

Peace, love and vitamin C!



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