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Home remedies for mosquito bites

Are you prepared for summer? I don’t mean having waxed and fake-tanned your legs or bought a nice new pair of sandals. I mean, are you ready to deal with mosquitos? Those pesky bugs whose bite does everything from annoy to kill. But mostly, it’s that nagging itch that drives you crazy. Here are 10 remedies you can find in your home:

Things you can find in the kitchen cupboard:

Specifically, apple cider vinegar has magical effects on a bite. It might sting a little at first, but it effectively reduces the swelling. Bites tend to be alkaline and, if you remember Elementary School Chemistry, you’ll know that something acidic neutralizes the alkaline. Enjoy a vinegar infused bath or apply directly to the bite.

This sweet stuff is nature’s medicine, with its anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial properties. Only apply a tiny bit of raw honey, right onto the bite. It will draw out the infection and help the healing process.

Tea Bags
Ever used cold tea bags on your eyes during a facial? This is the same principle – it acts as an astringent, and draws out extra fluid, as well as reducing puffiness. Plus you get the calming effects of a cup of tea in the bargain!

Lemon and Lime
Ever wonder why citrus fruits often turn up in cleaners and dish liquids? It’s because they have natural anti-bacterial properties. Also, the acidity works in a similar way to vinegar. But remember that lemon has natural bleaching properties, so avoid exposing your lemon-laced itch to the sun.

Things you find in the bathroom cabinet:

A dab of toothpaste can help to reduce the swelling, thanks to the super-cooling properties of peppermint. You might smell like a stick of gum, but your brain will be tricked into only receiving the cooling signals and not the itching ones.

Teatree oil/Lavender oil
Essential oils have all kinds of uses, and these two are the best for mosquito bites. Teatree oil (one of my personal favourites)– like the teabags, strangely enough – is a natural astringent and will reduce puffiness. It’s also an effective antiseptic. Lavender oil can also manage inflammation and it smells lovely!

You’d think the obvious use of aspirin here would be to swallow it as a painkiller. But apparently, crushing the aspirin in water makes an effective remedy when it’s applied directly to the bite. Beware, though – the powder plus water makes a very messy paste!

Aloe Vera
Aloe is another plant that’s just packed full of natural helpfulness. It’s long been known as an effective remedy for sunburn, but it’s also great at cooling and soothing mosquito bites.

And if all else fails, try these:

Another way of cooling the itch is obviously an ice pack! The only problem is you have to keep it on the bite otherwise your Healthy Body will start trying to regulate the temperature of the affected area and the effect will be lost.

Slapping or Pinching
As crazy as it sounds, another way to trick your brain into ignoring the itch is to slap or pinch the area. It’s basically just taking your mind off it, in quite a literal way.

So next time you get that telltale itching and redness, have a rummage around in your cupboards and see what you can find to help!


Until next time,

Peace, love and vitamin C!



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