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You never know till you try!

You should discover how Hypnosis can bring a change into your life in both personal and professional.

When I first discovered hypnosis, I thought that it would be a great complement to teaching yoga.  It was something to keep me busy and out of trouble.  I always have something on the go. 

When I signed up, I had no idea how it would change my life.

Confidence Level

I used to hold myself back from so many things because I was unsure or afraid of what people would think.  With hypnosis this became a non-issue.  My level of confidence is through the roof.  I can move forward in a very positive manner, trusting my intuition and making clear decisions.  I am in a constant state of flow with my life.  I feel so free, and when I look back I think to myself, why I even thought that way I did, but it is so far in the past I just look forward every day! 


I now realize that I was making things overly complicated.  Now I can quickly see the light between the trees and make a single minded decision fast and easy.  No more hand wringing, should I do this or could I do that.  The conversation in my mind now is…I am going to do this, and then I just do it.  I always focus on the right things for me and what it is I want to accomplish on a personal level or professional.


My marriage is better than ever.  Even though my husband and I are very busy people, our connection with each other is beyond what I imagined.  There is a constant steam of communication and a beautiful flow of respect and love.  Even he is interested in the things that I have learnt, we talk about it and this alone makes our relationship stronger.  Also relationships with friends, family, and work colleagues are more authentic and rewarding.  It is so refreshing to have this solid grounding in my life.

My Health

It is easier to stay healthy.  Because I cleared away the other clutter, there is more space to live a healthier lifestyle and have fun.  “I” became more important to me.  I have the energy for my next workout or adventure.  Also the foods that I chose to eat, I chose them from feeling not from my mind.  I never want to choose anything that will make me feel bad to ill.  I chose the foods that make me feel good and support what I want to do going forward in my healthy life style.

I could go on but I think that you get the point.  Hypnosis is not just the guys you see on stage making people bark like a dog or quack like a chicken.  It is really life changing.  If you are in a rut … or like me just wanting to try something new, hypnosis can revolutionize your life.  Now I am hooked and want to tell the world.