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What is the cost of under eye filler?

I had my under eye area injected with a filler and now it looks weird. What is the cost of the filler? I need an experienced physician to correct this irregularity.

There are many, many, fillers on the market today.  Most do the job they are intended to do. Although, it does take an experienced physician to know which filler to use, where and how much filler to inject, so as not to overfill.  Also, the physician is required to identify the properties of the filler in order to select the correct one for a particular area; e.g.  a thinner product for under the eye area.

 When fillers were first being used, one type of filler was used for all purposes; like one-size-fits-all.  However, we now know one size may fit all, but not very well.

 Through years of experience the physician becomes well-honed with his variety of fillers and knows which one to choose for the client’s best outcome. Even the manufacturers of the fillers are realizing that their product or a new product needs to be changed to fit the occasion, such as Juvederm has done with their new product Volbella, which was created specifically for the lips.

I have a feeling that the individual asking today’s question still has not learned to ask the right question. Instead of asking the cost of filler, he/she should be asking, “Why would I trust my face to you for injecting filler; what experience do you have? 


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