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What Are Designer Lips?

Angelina Jolie, considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, some of this is because of her over-sized lips. However, you would never know it since they are directly proportionate to her face and features.

Unfortunately, not everyone is endowed with the same features and very few can wear those lips as well as she can. So when people come in and ask to have her lips, I have to bring it to their attention that her lips look good on her face with her features.

Designer-Lips, are lips that are “designed” perfectly for you and your features. A lot of people looking into lip enhancement are afraid to get it done because of the “to much” or “over the top” lips.
Aesthetically, people have gone from very large lips to mini lips, just to avoid being the mockery of friends and family. However, the mini lip does defeat the purpose; what’s the point of having the treatment when no one will notice?

Hence, the “Designer-Lip”, not too big, not too small; like one baby bear said, “Aaaah, just right!”

Designer-Lips are asymmetrically proportioned to the size and shape of your face, naturally, beautifully. Now, isn’t that how you want to be noticed?




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