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About Regression Hypnosis

Is Regression Hypnosis Safe?

Regression hypnosis is where the client goes back to their past experiences and relives them while in hypnosis. Some believe that re-Healthy Living traumatic experiences in regression hypnosis helps the client heal. However, regression may harm the client. There is a risk that the client responds badly to the hypnotic regression. ReHealthy Living the past can have many unexpected consequences. Memories are very unreliable. The police will agree that eye witness testimony is the least reliable evidence. That reliability plummets even further with the passage of time and life experience. The way the client interprets the story that is re-lived can also have negative impacts on the client and their relationships.

If you are considering regression hypnosis or past life regression, make sure you see a very experienced hypnotist who has advanced training in the area of regression.

A skilled hypnotist has many safe ways to help people make their lives better. What really matters is your current life, and what you are going to do next. So why take the risk of doing regression hypnosis?

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