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Take A Chance And Speak Your Healthy Mind

Take a chance and get noticed! You never know what will come your way.

Have you ever been in a meeting at work and you are thinking about saying something but you stop yourself? 2 minutes later your coworkers says what you were too afraid to say and you discover that it was very well received. I always get so surprised in meetings or even out with friends of how many people just join the crowd and don’t speak their mind. Business owners are looking for the person that contributes to the business. Take a chance and get noticed!

Here are 5 ways that you can stand out at work:

  1. Your Organizational Abilities

Do you have the cleanest or the messiest desk in the office? If you’re asked for a document, does it take a couple of days to respond or have they got it in their hand or inbox within 15 minutes? These details impact how people perceive your organizational abilities and it will further impact whether they see you as someone they can count on.

  1. Setting the Tone

What you have to say is worth hearing, so speak up! Keep the overall tone of the meeting in mind but use a strong voice when offering your opinion. If you whisper or use a joking tone, then how much do you believe in what you have to say? And if that’s the case then why should others give your opinion consideration?

  1. Speak, Influence and Repeat

When you think of someone who is an influencer in the office, do they speak up rarely or are they always on the forefront of decision making? Make sure you’ve got your research in place and what you have to offer is constructive, then offer it – often! Soon when people consider the influencers in the office, you’ll be the one that comes to mind.

  1. Unexpected Opportunities

Now that people are used to hearing you, and consequently seeing you, in a leadership role, be prepared for more opportunities to come your way. Why? Because people who get the job done, usually get asked to do more. This could include joining project teams, attending trainings, or being asked to take on promotions. How’s that for the power behind speaking up?

  1. Personal Satisfaction

The personal development aspect of speaking up is that the more this is greeted positively, the stronger your confidence in your skills and abilities becomes. This opens more doors as you realize that you can make the most of your career and take on challenges you might not have considered before.

With the obvious, and not so obvious, perks of speaking up I hope you’ll take a chance the next time opportunities present themselves. Or better yet – make your own opportunities! Ask for a meeting. Send a memo with your thoughts. Step to the front of the crowd and get noticed! And who knows? In time, perhaps it will be for your own business that you are looking for people with strong opinions.

Till Next time