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Your office rescue kit

Mirror: You should always look at yourself in the mirror before a meeting or before you leave your desk.  You don’t know who you will bump into on your way to the kitchen or even bathroom.  You certainly don’t want to accidently bump into your boss with a huge piece of lettuce in your teeth.  Two seconds to look in the mirror can save a month of embarrassment.

Dental Floss: We have all been there, you have a leftover piece of lunch stuck in your teeth and you spend half the day trying to get it out. You try everything from a piece of paper to a paperclip. Save yourself and your gums, keep floss at your desk.

Deodorant: I don’t think we should have to explain this one.  Just know that when the pressure is on, whether it be deadlines or the boss is taking everyone out to lunch, you do not want to be the person in the office that no one will sit beside. Keep in mind dousing yourself in perfume is not the answer. It will be too strong, and with all of the perfume allergies many workplaces are now perfume free.

Lip Stick/Gloss: Ladies we always want our lips to be good to go….get your mind out of the gutter! It is reported that a woman that wears lipstick/gloss is 75% more likely to be successful.  It shows confidence, and on your most tired day you will not look it.  Also, studies show that if you are wearing lipstick/gloss, people stay more focused and engaged in what you are saying.  It’s also good for you lips, especially in the winter. No one wants dry chapped lips.

Granola Bar or Mixed Nuts: A good emergency snack. We have all been at our desks ready for lunch, and then one call after another comes through and then you recieve an email that has to be tended to ASAP.  You will thank yourself that you had the granola or nuts on-hand to tide you over till you could get that break to eat.  You don’t want your stomach growling in that last minutes meeting.  Dark chocolate covered almonds are a great little emergency snack to have, it is a high protein treat that will get you through the hunger gap without crashing.

Safety Pins: These little baby’s can save you from huge embarrassment.  Whether a hem fell down or the zipper on your pants broke, you can fix it quick. Any of these malfunctions are uncomfortable and can destroy your whole day.

Nylon’s: When the colder months come, and it’s back to the nylons or tights, it’s always a good plan to have a extra pair of nude color nylons at your desk.  There are 1000 ways to snag your tights or nylons, so be prepared so you don’t have to walk around with a run in your hose all day.

Emergency Sweater: We all know how cold it can get in an office.  With so many people in one area it is difficult to keep everyone happy with the temperature.  I always have a sweater at my desk, a natural color that will match with everything.  It has even come in handy in the dead of the summer when the airconditioning was blasting.  Also, on those days you wished you kept on the first outfit you had on in the morning, you can cover up with a cute sweater.

Think of the things that you would like at your desk. I always keep my favorite coffee, hand cream, light salad dressing and even have a small bowl with apples, banana’s and other fruit on-hand.  We are at our desks for a long time every day, be smart and prepare for it!


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