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How To Communicate Class Schedule With Your Students

Here is the million dollar question....where is a fast and easy way for students to go and quickly see where their favorite instructors are teaching? Because what is out there, just isn't working for instructors in situations like mine.

Like most blog owners, I frequently have to come up with ideas about what to write. Yes, inspiration strikes here and there but sometimes, just sometimes, I need some oomph in my ohm. And that’s when inspiration struck – I can combine my love of marketing with my love of yoga and in the process, hopefully help other yoga instructors and business owners with things that they might also be struggling with.

One of the first things that came to mind was my students. They are on my mind a lot of course but in particular, what do I do or can I do to get the word out about classes. After all, as much as my students love my class they can’t make it to every single one so occasionally, I’m going to need some new students. But where do I find them? Or what do I do when students ask me when and where I teach. It is fine to just tell them but, how will they remember and where can I send them to find my information? I do not know many instructors who carry business cards during class. Can you imagine what would happen to the card during a hot yoga class?

Like most instructors, I work at more than one studio. I also teach my own classes. So what would I put on my business card anyway? Would the studios be ok with me promoting other studios? After all, I teach on different days and at different times so that I can help as many students as possible with their schedule. I want to be the instructor that is there for the student and help them deepen their practice.

Here is the million dollar question….where is a fast and easy way for students to go and quickly see where their favorite instructors are teaching? Because what is out there, just isn’t working for instructors in situations like mine.

Here’s what a student currently has to go through when trying to find their favorite instructor: they go to Google and Google an instructor’s name. And that’s if they have first AND last name as I’m sure there is more than one instructor named John or Michelle. Being named Tree definitely has its advantages. Then they’ll see where the instructor shows up. Then go to each of the studio’s to see what is close and convenient to them. Then check all the schedules…OmG that is A LOT of work! And I know because I used to do it!

All jokes aside about business cards, it’s really important to have a way to communicate your information with your students and potential students. There are a couple of really great directories out there which of yoga studios and instructors the chance to have a web presence and make it really easy to share their class information.

I’ve chosen to list my business on Not only because I work for Health Local but because I really believe it’s a great opportunity to have my business listed on a resource that encompasses so many other health related businesses. It increases my chances of being found and connecting with people who might not necessarily go to a yoga site or might not have started out looking for a yoga practitioner at all.

Now not only can my existing students find me but it’s easy for me to tell new students where they can find me.

It also gives me a chance to promote the studios I work with as well as my own classes which is a big win-win. Now I don’t have to worry about how much info I put on my business card. I just put my address on and all the information is right there. I can just say go to Health Local and search my name….DONE!!!