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    Aug 23 2023

    Seniors and Cannabis-Risks and Rewards

    Part One “Weed 7: A Senior Moment” premiered on Sunday, August 6th, 2023, on “The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper.” Its narrator was Dr. Sanja Gupta, a medical expert often appearing on CNN. In this documentary, he stated: “Most...

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    May 02 2023

    Can I Retire at 60 with One Million Dollars?

    Maybe……Yes, $1 million dollars sounds even today like a lot of money! Once a sign of extravagant wealth, $1 million is now the retirement savings goal for many people. Having generated $1 million in retirement savings, the funds, with...

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    Jan 27 2023

    Any Predictions for 2023?

    After these resolutions come the predictions for the New Year—for 2023 this for go-around. Have you made any predictions for 2023?...

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    Dec 19 2022

    Is Santa Claus the Most Famous Senior in York Region?

    If not the most famous senior, certainly Santa Claus is the best loved senior for many in York Region- and around the...

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    Apr 26 2022

    Ouch! Do You Suffer from Arthritis?

    As an arthritis sufferer myself in my legs, I was still surprised to learn in a survey of seniors that the highest-ranking elder chronic condition at 48% is arthritis. The second at 45% is high blood pressure, while other conditions such as diabetes...

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    Jan 03 2022

    Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

    Don’t believe the old adage, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!’...

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    Dec 11 2021

    It Must Be Joyful December! Seniors and Seasonal Stress

    Christmas trees, mistletoe, Hanukkah, lighting the Menorah, Santa Claus, gift giving, holiday family must be December and the coming holiday season—what happy fun, what excitement! But, the holiday season is not always so jolly, so...

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    Nov 29 2021

    The Roads Not Taken in Life-Any Regrets Yet?

    In my work as the Director and Owner of Living Assistance Services in providing care at home for seniors, naturally I chat with many older persons who often wistfully look back and reminisce about their past life experiences--their important...

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    Oct 15 2021

    Worried So Much About my Aging Parents this Coming Winter

    So many of us are worried about their aging parents at home in York Region this coming...

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    Jul 26 2021

    Ways for Older Adults to Find Happiness During The Pandemic

    It’s a well-known fact that people – especially older adults – fare better emotionally and physically when they’re engaged in socially and mentally. They’re happier, healthier, and live longer, according to...

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    Jun 21 2021

    Does Your Elderly Loved One Have A Care Plan?

    How an elderly care plan helps the care recipient and the entire...

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    May 30 2021

    How Do Tortoises Get Old Without Getting Elderly?

    You probably have never given thought to this seemingly less important, esoteric question!...

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    May 11 2021

    Tim noticed that something was wrong–eventually!

    In January, 2004, Tim started to have unusual...

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    Apr 11 2021

    Time to Tell the Truth! How Old are You Really?

    After I had related to him an anecdote related to an incident which occurred decades ago, a friend of mine in Richmond Hill then asked:” How old are you?” When I confided in him my age, he replied diplomatically:” You look so much...

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    Mar 19 2021

    You Have A Social Routine – Let the Caregiver Help!

    Age-related changes may make life a little more challenging, but it doesn’t have to take your social...

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    Feb 22 2021

    The Throne Speech Has Got People Talking About the Future of Home Care

    The pandemic has been difficult – to say the least – and especially so for seniors. The one good thing that has come from the COVID-19 crisis is that it has opened the conversation about aging in...

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    Jan 30 2021

    Long Term Care Homes Are Not Ready For a Second Wave of Covid-19

    For families who are caring for an elderly parent or grandparent at home, a caregiver can help limit the number of family and friends coming into the home by taking on some or all of the caregiving duties. This can help protect everyone in the...

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    Jan 15 2021

    Do You Know a Lonely Senior?

    January is a lonely month for many older persons in your neighbourhood and elsewhere else too. Following Christmas which is usually such an active, social time, especially with family, many seniors then often spend days and weeks without speaking to...

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    Dec 12 2020

    Is Santa Claus the Most Famous Senior?

    Today, you may not be aware but Santa, our most famous senior, uses advanced technology to make his important night happen….read more to find out how he became so famous and how he gets all around the world in a...

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    Nov 17 2020

    Is a Younger Life Worth More Than an Older Life? — Part Two

    Governments and financial institutions, such as insurance companies, assess the value of a human life differently, often in financial terms. Read below to find out...

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    Nov 11 2020

    Is a Younger Life Worth More Than an Older Life? — Part One

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom has been widely criticized after his administration advised hospitals to prioritize younger people with greater life expectancy for care during the coronavirus outbreak....

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    Home Health Care in Richmond Hill, Living Assistance Services - Richmond Hill, Senior Care,
    Sep 12 2020

    Aging in Place: Things to Consider

    Aging in place seems easy enough, in theory, but there’s more to it than just living in your home for the rest of your...

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    Aug 27 2020

    Getting Around – One of the Biggest Challenges for Canadian Seniors

    When thinking about senior care, the focus is often on making sure seniors have a comfortable place to live, food on the table, and the medical care they need. Transportation is often considered a secondary issue, but not having access to...

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    Aug 16 2020

    My Friend, David, had Dementia…

    One of my best friends, David, a bachelor who lived in Vancouver, had dementia, a disease which progressively became rapidly worse in his case. Maybe, it was Alzheimer’s Disease, a form of dementia…not sure...

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    Living Assistance Services - Richmond Hill
    Jul 21 2020

    How Caring for Your Elderly Parent is Affecting Your Job

    News articles and statistics on caregiving and employment often focus on the losses suffered by companies when adult children take time off to care for their elderly loved ones. But what about the impact that caregiving has on the employee who\'s...

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    Living Assistance Services - Newmarket - Home Health Care in Richmond Hill, ON
    Jul 17 2020

    Living Assistance New COVID-19 Protocols

    To ensure the safety and good health of both our caregivers and our seniors and their families, Living Assistance Services Caregivers should consult and review carefully the documents sent to them previously by e-mail as...

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    Home Care Services
    Jun 11 2020

    A Closer Healthy Look at Elder Care Renovations

    The majority of older Canadians want to age in place. This is not all that surprising - home is where the heart is, after all! But if home is where you want to remain for as long as possible, you\'ll need to plan for...

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    Home Care Services
    May 16 2020

    Caring For Seniors with Diabetes

    The right care can help keep your parent’s diabetes well-controlled and minimize the risk of life-altering...

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    Home Care Services
    May 07 2020

    Time to Hang Up the Keys?

    Recognize that driving is very important to your loved one and has, for years, been their primary means of getting around and is a genuine sign of their continuing...

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    Home Care Services
    Apr 28 2020

    Is Laughter Like Strawberry Jam?

    Humour is one of the most important human activities, one that is enjoyed daily by people in every culture and at every age. Laughing is universal; no matter how old you are, what language you speak or what your physical or mental abilities are, you...

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    Home Care Services
    Apr 25 2020

    Health Care Finance Tips for Seniors

    Having enough money to cover unexpected costs is a common worry for Canadians planning retirement. We worry about having enough to cover groceries, housing, and the leisure activities we dream of enjoying once we retire. But what about medical...

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    Home Care Services
    Mar 28 2020

    Five Myths About Aging

    Those unattractive, and mostly negative, assumptions about aging and old age have remained with us despite the spectacular increase in life...

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    Home Care Services
    Mar 10 2020

    Caregiving at A Young Age

    The number of adolescents and teens in a caregiving role is rising, but what is the impact of caring for a sick or aging parent when you still need care...

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    Improving Sleep Quality in Older Adults
    Jan 08 2020

    Sleep and Aging

    You would think that not needing to get up at the crack of dawn or lose sleep over work stress would be one of the biggest perks of being a senior. Unfortunately, poor sleep and sleep disorders are common in older...

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    Living Assistance Services
    Nov 06 2019

    Women Living Longer then Men

    You\'ve likely noticed that when it comes to older people, more women seem to live alone than older men. The Canadian government has noticed this, too. According to Statistics Canada, women over 65 are almost twice more likely to live alone than...

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    The cost of home care services varies based on the degree of assistance needed. Living Assistance Services
    Sep 12 2019

    Ways to Finance Home Care

    The cost of home care services varies based on the degree of assistance needed. Living Assistance Services Many people are under the impression that receiving professional care at home is too costly and rely on family caregivers instead. Often...

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    Living Assistance Services
    May 03 2019

    Smart Technology for seniors – Can it replace the Human Touch?

    Smart technology-or gerantechnology-devices include things like telecare and telehealth, robotics, and various information and communication devices, from smartphones to health trackers. With all of these products available to do anything from...

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    Senior Loneliness and Isolation
    Apr 01 2019

    A Growing Health Crisis for Seniors

    Senior Loneliness and Isolation, Living Assistance Services According to Statistics Canada, approximately 1.4 elderly people in Canada report feeling lonely. Loneliness and isolation among Canadian seniors is growing and some are calling this a...

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    The Dangers of Poor Medication Management by Seniors
    Mar 04 2019

    The Dangers of Poor Medication Management by Seniors

    The Dangers of Poor Medication Management by Seniors, Living Assistance Services A big part of the problem is the number of medications that many seniors take. According to the IIRP Study published in 2017, approximately 66 percent of seniors are...

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    Choosing the Right Home Care Provider
    Feb 20 2019

    Choosing the Right Home Care Provider

    A quick search online will give you hundreds of options to choose from. But how do you know which home care agencies or independent Personal Support Wokers (PSW\'s) are right for you and your...

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    Living Assistance Services
    Aug 14 2018

    Understanding Seniors and their mood.

    Can you get into a bad mood or become quite anxious? The answer probably is a relative \"Yes!\" Mood disorders are characterized by the lowering or elevation of a person\'s mood while anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive and...

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