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    Mar 20 2021

    Can Hypnosis Help Me Get My Confidence Back?

    Many of us have moments where we feel a lack of confidence....

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    Feb 02 2021

    7 Ways to Stay Active in Winter

    You can still stay active and keep your active lifestyle during...

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    Jan 12 2021

    8 Ways to Keep on Track with Your Goals

    It can be frustrating and make people feel there is no point in trying to reach their goals, it can even start to set an expectation to...

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    Dec 07 2020

    Finding it Harder to Get into the Holiday Spirit this Year?

    Maybe it’s time to go back to the simpler Joys in life like Building a Snowman Watching the snow fall with a nice Warm Tea Taking a Scenic walk Listening to Carols or your favorite music (maybe even dancing to it!) Building a Snow Fort/Having a...

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    Dec 02 2020

    I cannot stop my mind from racing, can hypnosis help?

    Sometimes these thoughts run in sequence or sometimes they may move randomly, maybe they are a voice you can’t ignore or just become background noise that is constantly disrupting and pulling your attention ever so subtly but always there...

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    Oct 05 2020

    Does hypnosis work for stress and anxiety?

    Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help relieve stress, fear, and anxiety. It can also be used to help in coping with the symptoms of panic disorder. … For example, once the hypnotist has helped the client become relaxed, he may ask the...

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    Sep 15 2020

    Hypnosis Can Help Increase Your Self-Confidence

    Low self-esteem, low self-confidence and negative self-talk can all be like an addiction. Sure, you may feel the pain, see how it is holding you back or the negative effect it is having on your life and your relationships but you can’t seem to...

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    Aug 31 2020

    10 Reasons Why Hypnosis is Great for Weight Loss

    Have you tried all kinds of diets, Weight Loss programs or supplements that at first seem great only to leave you gaining the weight back or maybe even more? Are you tired of feeling like food or emotions are in control of your...

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    Aug 30 2020

    I Have a Fear of Elevators, Can Hypnosis Help? How?

    Fear of elevators is just as real to the person who has this fear as someone being afraid of being physically attacked or any other intense fears people may...

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    Aug 03 2020

    Number of Sessions You Need for Hypnosis for Weight Loss

    As a general rule perhaps 4 - 6 sessions would do the...

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    Kitchener Hypnosis
    Jul 31 2020

    Hypnosis to Improve Sports Performance

    Hypnosis may be beneficial for the professional athlete, school athlete or the social athlete. There are many issues that can influence the mental health and functioning of an...

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    Kitchener Hypnosis
    Jul 19 2020

    Difference Between Hypnotist and a Hypnotherapist

    While some practitioners make a distinction between the two titles, we use them interchangeably, and in many cases we prefer the term \"hypnotist\" because it encompasses a broader scope of...

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    Counselling & Psychotherapy
    Jun 17 2020

    How does hypnosis relate to psychology?

    Hypnosis is usually performed by a trained therapist who utilizes visualization and verbal repetition to induce a hypnotic...

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    Kitchener Hypnosis Re-Opening their Office
    May 31 2020

    Kitchener Hypnosis Re-Opening their Office

    ~We are Re-Opening the Office!~  We know these have been some trying times so we are excited to announce that we will be re-opening our office June 9, 2020, and as a celebration, we are offering 50% Off on ALL of our Programsuntil June 30,...

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