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Is there a difference between custom orthotics and store bought orthotics?

Foot deformities may require re- alignment which is best attained by using specialized devices in the shoes known as Orthotic devices. These prescription devices are made with using 3D volumetric laser scanners and impressions in plaster cast. The foot care professionals ensure a meticulous workup to accurately evaluate your foot type, gait, level of activity and even footwear used to arrive at customized solutions.

In Ontario, chiropodists / podiatrists are the only regulated primary health care professionals that are able to prescribe, manufacture and dispense foot orthotics.

What Is the Difference between Custom Moulded Orthotics and Store Bought Devices (insoles)?

Foot supports, insoles and arch supports are devices which are bought from the store and not true foot orthotics, and thus they are not reimbursed by insurance companies.

On the contrary true orthotic devices are customized and prepared after an in – house evaluation using the modality of 3D volumetric laser scanner and plaster cast impressions.


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