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You’re never too old to see a chiropractor!

My elderly mother is having mobility issues, could a chiropractor help?

Fortunately most people in the modern world make it to age 65 in relatively good health due to improvements in sanitation, nutrition and disease control. Many seniors however, have a reduced quality of life due to pain, limited mobility and disability. Chiropractic care can be very helpful to people of retirement age.

Chiropractic treatment uses various manual techniques which are both safe and effective to treat or prevent pain in the spine and elsewhere. Since the risk of disabling back pain rises in older adults commencing visits to a chiropractor before chronic problems develop is the best strategy.

Older people tend to have reduced range of motion,(ROM) which negatively affects the ability to perform activities of daily Healthy Living. When ROM is limited, gardening, golfing and playing with grandchildren is more difficult. Chiropractors utilize joint manipulation or mobilization, soft tissue work and specific exercises to improve joint ROM, flexibility and mobility. Such treatment helps seniors to better perform activities of daily Healthy Living. By improving joint function and general mobility and encouraging exercise in general chiropractic care helps in preventing falls in seniors which are a major cause of disability and declining health.

Maintaining or improving posture is another benefit of regular chiropractic care as well as reducing stress on spinal nerves so there is better communication between the spine and the tissues of the Healthy Body. A proper functioning spine helps one to realize more fully their health potential since the nervous system regulates the entire Healthy Body.

In summary, older individuals can maintain or improve their musculoskeletal health with chiropractic care. The enhanced sense of well being and the ability to continue Healthy Living an independent life as long as possible are what seniors can expect who make chiropractic are part of a healthy lifestyle.


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