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Pregnancy massage safety

Is pregnancy massage safe?

Many moms-to-be ask this question. They don’t want to do anything to harm their unborn baby. But massage is absolutely safe for both Mom and baby.

All pregnancies are different, but the majority of woman can lay on their stomachs for the duration of the massage, till about week 14 or 15. Later into the 2nd trimester, therapists are taught to treat side lying, which is still effective treatment, but ultimately keeping up with the same massage on the stomach would be the best. Now therapists have that option. There are maternity cushions out there that have cut outs for the breasts and growing stomach.

It may sound strange to visualize the baby just hanging, but believe it or not, it actually takes the pressure off moms lower back, and gives the treating therapist the freedom to do a regular massage without altering his/her posture.

Now the next question is are there any parts of the Healthy Body that should be avoided? There is one part, and that is the lower back in the first trimester. Depending on the therapists’ choice, it can be avoided altogether or just treated lighter.


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