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Top 3 Naturopathic Tips for the Fall

Its always after thanksgiving and looking at the beautiful colour of the leaves that I realize that summer has passed and fall is here. Fall season seems to be a time when many people become sick because they don’t prepare themselves and their systems for the change in season and their immune system is unable to handle the circulating viruses/bugs. Transferring from summer means going from hot temperatures and constant movement to fall’s cool temperatures and sedentary lifestyle. Below are some tips to help prepare for the change in the fall.

1. Change the Temperature of your food.

Summer is all about cold raw foods for cooling our systems. To compensate for the colder weather, we need to warm our digestive systems with warmer foods either in temperature or spice. Slow cook your foods for long periods of time to make them more absorbable and nutritional. Also add spices such as: ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, chili, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves etc. Also to increase your immune systems, you need to incorporate foods rich in vitamin C and zinc such as: dark leafy greens (kale, spinach, rapini), citrus fruits (Apple cider is wonderful!), tomatoes, berries, etc.

2. Get Moving

Movement (not necessarily exercise) is very important to incorporate in our routines since as the weather lowers, our metabolism lowers and we have to compensate for that by moving and keeping our systems active. Other ways to increase your metabolism is to use alternating hot and cold water or other hydrotherapy treatments such as saunas or steam rooms (always end with a cold rinse to enhance your circulation).

3. Reduce your stress

Too much stress (whether work, family, environmental, etc.) can over work your adrenal glands and decrease your natural immune system and leave you susceptible to catching a cold/flu. When we enter fall, we forget to do those fun activities we had done in the summer (as much of our time is concentrated on work/school). Try to incoorporate enjoyable activities into your routine (for at least 30 minutes a day) such as: walking in nature, meditation/grounding, spending time with friends/family, joining groups/activities, arts and crafts, volunteering, etc.


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