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Pageant monsters

I am irked by pageant moms! These people send their children (some are even babies!) to participate in beauty pageants, dressing them in high heels, painting their faces like a clown and forcing them to go strut their stuff on stage. If you’ve ever seen one of the many TV shows that document the child beauty pageant world, then you know the extreme behaviour that I’m talking about.

It’s one thing to support and nurture your child’s interests. On the other hand, it’s quite vulgar to see a parent live their lives through their children – especially when it involves objectifying a child as some sort of “trophy”.

Many of these moms put more makeup on their girls’ faces than you could Photoshop. Others will grill their children for three hours a day on manners and the proper way for a “pageant queen” to walk. They treat the outcomes of these pageants as a life-and-death contest; doing whatever they can, stopping at nothing to win. It makes me wonder what happens at home when their daughters don’t win?

These moms claim they are doing these things for the good of their children – but what good is there in forcing your child to practice a routine for hours upon hours or day, or take her kicking and screaming for her weekly spray tan and eyebrow waxing?  If she wants to be a model, teach her about the benefits of healthy eating and Healthy Living an active lifestyle. If she shows an interest in acting, get her acting lessons.

I just want to shake these women and ask them if they have any idea what they’re doing to their daughters? Do they honestly care about their child’s well-being? If they really need to use their daughters as a vehicle for their own self-worth, then what does that say about these women?

I wonder what happens to these girls as they become young women. I wonder if they end up being normal, well-adjusted adults? I’m sure some of them do. Unfortunately, I would imagine that many of them end up victimized and deeply affected by this exploitation. Perhaps they should make a show about what happens to these kids and their mothers 10-20 years later. I’m sure we’d be equally shocked at some of the stories about the long-term consequences of these contests. Then again, maybe it’s something I don’t want to see.

In this case, I’d much rather to just be proven wrong.


Until next time,

Peace, love and vitamin C!



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