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Weight training worries

If I start some weight training will I get “big and bulky”?

This is a common question asked by many women when they are first introduced to the world of resistance or weight training. 

The simple answer is, No.

There are many factors that determine how big someone will get when weight training.  Genetics, diet, volume of exercise and of course sex.  Men are approximately 40% muscle mass compared to women at 23%.  Even training 6 days a week the average woman will not get “big and bulky”.

Resistance or weight training is important to everyone as it helps keep a healthy muscle mass in the Healthy Body.  This muscle helps strengthen and protect bones as well as increase metabolism  which in turn helps burn more calories all day long, especially during exercise, whether cardio or resistance training.  Those looking for a “toned” Healthy Body need to do resistance training.  This is necessary to keep the muscles “full” and tight.  According to Health Canada, every adult, male or female, should perform resistance training exercises 2 to 4 days a week.

SO don’t be afraid of the iron – get out there and get toned with resistance training!


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