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6 Reasons Why Health Pros NEED To Be Online!

Having a strong online presence is very key for your business.

You went to school to take care of people. It drives your daily motivation to connect and share so that people can live a better life. Right? At what point in your training did anyone advise you about how to reach those same people that you are wanting to help. That’s where things can get challenging. That’s why Health Local is here to help you find the best ways possible to connect and share with that audience who’s waiting for you online.

I’ve been helping health pro’s get online for over 5 years. Every day I speak to anywhere from 5 to 20 health pro’s looking to improve their online profile, get found and find a place to share their expertise. So after advising and calming the fears of over 20,000 health pro’s, I can honestly say that getting online is EASY! I’ve lined up my top choices that will calm the online jitters without needing a tranquilizer:

Budget Friendly

Have you avoided getting a website because you think it will be too expensive? You’re right. It can be. But with free options like Wix and Weebly, you can take the first step to building an online presence. If that sounds too daunting, then there are pro’s who will work with you using these platforms and still be budget friendly. offers an $89/month package that gives you a featured profile page and gets you on 25 of the most commonly searched listings as well. Best of all? We do ALL the work for you. I have to get one plug in for our great product right? I wouldn’t be doing my job helping health pro’s otherwise!

It’s Easier Than Ever To Share!

While print is still king for some demographics of your practice, nothing beats online for real time communicating with your clients / patients. It’s still vital to keep your audience in mind when choosing a communication channel but being able to easily share info online just made your audience a whole lot bigger. The great thing is that most content can be created in Word and copied to the website so you only have to create it once to share it twice! Share staff updates, new products, new services, holidays, latest therapies – the list goes on.

Cut Costs

Have you thought about being able to have patients / clients book appointments online? Or buy your products and have them automatically shipped and pay online? Or download your latest book or podcast? All of these options are revenue streams with the added bonus of needing less staff. No one likes to think about eliminating staff but maybe it’s a matter of shuffling. If less people are needed in admin, more health pro’s can join the team!

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Say you go looking for a lawyer or plumber or other professional service. Where do you go? Well after asking your friends for a recommendation, most people go online. They’re looking for more reviews, pricing, and contact information – everything you should have online but might not. So if you are looking online for the professional services you need, what makes you think patients / clients aren’t doing the same thing? And if they can’t find you online in 2015, well, let’s just say that it’s easier than ever for them to find someone who is.

Spread the Word

Gone are the days where an article in your local newspaper was enough to get some traction for your business. Now it requires a bit more reach – global reach. Why? Because expertise can be shared and commented on by people around the world and since people are now more comfortable sharing online, you’re more likely to gain feedback that you can use to gain business. Social proof is what happens when people provide positive feedback about their success in working with you. That is online gold!

Put Yourself Out There

Take a look online for the variety of sites you could be listing your business on. Why? Because being listed on more than your website provides what the internet likes to call “breadcrumbs”. Being on a lot of platforms makes a trail that leads back to you and your original site. The benefit of this is when people are searching online for pro’s in your industry (ie. massage, chiropractor, and dentist), health pro’s with more listings come up at the top of the list. And that’s exactly where you want to be.

I mentioned earlier that Health Local is offering a new product called accelero. This has been specifically designed to help small businesses just like yours compete with those who have the time, money and energy to make the biggest online footprint possible. Sound tiring? We do the work for you and get you listed on the 25 most commonly searched listings. How’s that for an online footprint that will walk all over the breadcrumbs of your competitors?

Interested in taking a step towards your online goals? Great! Get in touch: [email protected]. I’m looking forward to chatting!