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Category: Healthy Mind

Dec 01
5 Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Better

Although the COVID-19 situation improved compared to last year, holiday celebrations…

Nov 16
3 Ways to Quiet Calm Amygdala: Decrease Anxiety in Uncertain Times

Now, perhaps more than ever, we need to look after our mental health and equip…

Nov 08
7 Natural Ways To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

As we go through life events and experiences our emotions can affect our inner mental…

Sep 01
Emotional Shift

How does emotions work?

Jul 30
3 of the Most Common Sports Injuries

Most athletes will experience at least one injury during their sports career. Each…

Jul 27
Hypnotherapy and Hypnotism – What’s The Difference?

It depends on the laws of your land. In some places there is no difference. Here in…

Jul 26
Ways for Older Adults to Find Happiness During The Pandemic

It’s a well-known fact that people – especially older adults – fare better emotionally…

Jun 30
I’m Not Stressed! YOU’RE Stressed

This story is a fictional story of reactions seen in hypnosis clients as they learn…

Jun 29
HELP for your Achilles Tendinitis Pain?

Now, if the pain is behind your ankle just above the heel, then it is likely that you…

Jun 24
Go Beyond The Edge Of Your Experience – NLP & Hypnosis Training For Success

Life is calling on you to go beyond the edge of your experience, always. The only…