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Category: Healthy Mind

Apr 24
The Dangers Of Over-Reliance On Scripted Hypnotic Suggestions

I got a call last week from a hypnotist asking me if I had a script on how to help her…

Mar 20
Can Hypnosis Help Me Get My Confidence Back?

Many of us have moments where we feel a lack of confidence.

Mar 12
Avoid These 5 Hypnosis Training Pitfalls

How To Get The Most From Your Hypnosis Training (& Just About Anything Else You Want…

Feb 28
Naming Shame and Turning Mindful

There are benefits to being mindful to process painful emotions.

Feb 16
Stop Worrying!

There are ways how you can manage your worry and anxiety.

Feb 14
Isolation of Infertility

I wrote the following poem in order to process the many feelings that overcame me as I…

Feb 02
3 Hypnosis Techniques to Reduce Symptoms of Menopause

Hypnosis can help you in several ways - including managing your menopausal symptoms.

Jan 28
Finding one’s Centre: Youth in Vancouver during COVID-19

Throughout Dr. Abby's sessions, in conjunction with expressive arts therapies and…

Jan 14
How to Balance Alpha and Beta in Your Relationship

Relationships used to work because one partner relied on the other for financial and…

Dec 30
Are you a Shopaholic???

As we know shopping can bring you happiness at that moment let say just only 1 min or…