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Jul 28 2021

Two Fruity How-tos

A crisp, chilled beverage has rounded out many a meal and enhanced many a social event. It’s also a temptingly blank canvas to dress up and turn into a flavorful creation that steals the show. Let’s chill out with an easy how-to for making your...

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Jun 25 2021

White Grapefruit: Why to Give it a Go

You may be used to seeing pink grapefruit on your table, but scoot it on over to make room for its tart sibling, white grapefruit!...

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May 12 2021

Enduring Vetiver

A peaceful breeze blows by, wakening you from a restful afternoon nap. Do you open your eyes to find yourself relaxing in a porch hammock, or did your dōTERRA® Vetiver diffuser blend just make you think...

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Mar 12 2021

Make Way for Caraway

You’ve likely seen and tasted caraway seed in breads, cakes and soups of the traditional European variety, but you may not have ever seen Caraway as a single dōTERRA® essential oil - until...

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Jan 28 2021

All About Niaouli

Long ago, indigenous Australians employed Niaouli in multiple health-boosting brews, even using the long leaves to wrap around affected areas and drinking the flowers’ nectar....

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Dec 14 2020

Striking Scents for Men

So go ahead and locate your Black Pepper and Patchouli essential oils, because they’re the ones you’ll be using to stand out from the crowd with a distinct scent in the following body...

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Oct 29 2020

The Cananga Mystery

To the rest of the world, the colossal island nation of Australia automatically brings to mind a host of interesting creatures, including bouncing kangaroos and those oh-so-cuddly looking koalas. But Australia also has unique plant life to...

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Oct 23 2020

Fennel to Help Curb Those Overpowering Cravings for Sweets!

This essential oil is sweet, but not in the normal sense of the word – it’s peculiarly sweet. How’s that for an intriguing description? The sweetness of dōTERRA® Fennel is not a syrupy sweetness that makes you think of cupcakes and...

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