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A Natural Alternative to Traditional Pain Medication

What is Mesotherapy? And does it hurt?

Mesotherapy, Biopuncture, Neural therapy and Prolotherapy are alternative injection therapies. Occasionally injections can hurt or cause bruising but usually they do not.

Mesotherapy involves tiny injections under the skin to restore the integrity of the tissue such as wrinkles, cellulite, scars or sports injuries. Prolotherapy and the use of trigger point injections is a deeper injection treatment used to alleviate pain and strengthen weakened ligaments or tendons. The injection is made in the region of the affected tendon, ligament or joint space.

If you are suffering pain from a lower back injury, osteoarthritis, Achilles tendon, shoulder dislocation, TMJ or other causes of pain, injection therapy is a natural alternative to traditional pain medication. 

At the Biological Medicine clinic in Calgary, we offer a wide range of natural, alternative treatment options for pain management, aesthetic skin rejuvenation and overall good health.


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