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Stress on The Youth of Today’s Bodies.

Does stress effect my child more than it effected me when I was their age?

I have been fortunate enough to serve the Newmarket and surrounding areas for the past nineteen years. It is abundantly clear that children of today are dealing with stress to their bodies that previous generations have not had to deal with.

There is no doubt that posture is the window to your health. The last ten years has brought forth many challenges for the growth and development of healthy spines. Computers, video games, improper back pack wearing and texting via cell phone use has created many health issues. As the Mayo clinic stated in March 2000, “Long term forward head posture leads to long term muscle strain, disc herniation’s and pinched nerves.” In the medical journal, Cephalalgia, 2009, a study “demonstrated a strong association between increased forward head posture and decreased respiratory muscle strength.”

Spinal health is the key to overall Healthy Body health. As a parent you can do 2 quick tests. First, observe your child’s posture when they are walking. Does their posture look like they are slouching? If so you can perform test #2. Have your child stand with their back to the wall. Make sure their heel, butt, shoulders and back of head are touching the wall. If this is their normal posture then congratulations! Your child has terrific posture. If not, they need to have a posture assessment by a Chiropractor.

I invite you to book an appointment for your child. I see many children and provide a positive experience for them to enjoy a healthy spine and grow to their best potential.


Dr. Darren Poncelet  


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